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by calculating I=1/12bh3

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Q: How do you calculate sectional area of mild steel?
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What kind of pipes are used for steam lines?

Heavy weight mild steel with screwed fittings bspt. == Normally galvanized pipes are not used for steam. Mild steel with screwed or welded fittings are the norm. Pressure and temperature are very important factors to be considered in what type of materials to be used. Steam even at low pressures can be extremely dangerous. Answer In hign temperature application nomally the alloy steel pipes are used ANSWER: Mild Steel Seemless pipes, thickness dependent on the pressure rating to be used.

What does 1018 mean?

1018 is the number "one thousand and eighteen."It is also the name for 1018 steel which is the most common low-carbon mild steel alloy in many uses, including structural steel.

How many kilos in 6meters of 16mm square bar?

If its general purpose mild steel square bar then its 2.01 kg/m. So 12.06kgs all together.

How can you calculate the weight of a ms hollow pipe 90mm OD - 1.20 mm thickness - length 6000 mm?

If you Google "mild steel density" you find that a value of 7.85 is not uncommon.If you calculate the volume of steel in your pipe (Google "volume of cylinder") calculate the volume of the OD cylinder and subtract the volume of the ID cylinder and multiply that by the density you get the mass of the pipe multiply that by the gravitational constant (Google "gravitational constant") of your location to get the weight.Or you could just Google "ms pipe weight calculator" (see the Sources and related links below) find the pipe shape and put in your values, hit "Calculate" and get the answer 34.6889 lbs (which has far too many significant figures (converted to kg by Google as 15.7 kg still with one significant figure too many as two of the original dimensions only had two significant figures)

What is the formula for calculating weight using a mild steel cylinder?

gear with shaft dia40mm length 230 teeth 14 shaft dia 25mm width 6.5mm length 168mm

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What is the weight per meter of 140x140x12.5 shs mild steel?

To calculate the weight per meter of a 140x140x12.5 SHS (Square Hollow Section) mild steel, you would need to first calculate the cross-sectional area (A) of the SHS using the dimensions provided. Then, you can multiply the cross-sectional area by the density of mild steel (7,850 kg/m^3) to get the weight per meter.

How do you calculate weight of mild steel when sectional area given?

Calculate the volume first by multiplying the cross sectional area with length.Multiply the volume with density of mild steel which will give the weight.The density of Mild steel is 7850 kg/ m3e.gCalculate the weight of 2 m rod having cross sectional area of 5 m2Volume = 2x5 = 10 m3Weight = 10 x 7850 = 78500 kgBe specific that same units are used all around the calculations.

How do you calculate mild steel thickness from stain steel thickness?

By thick control.

Which is heavier stainless steel or mild steel?

mild steel is heavier

Does welding Mild steel require preheating?

Short answer is no . Mild steel is soft enough to be cold worked by hand or hammer dependant on the cross sectional shape and size. It is a favoured metal for use in the school environment due to its price,easy ability to be formed, turned, welded and heat treated

Which is harder mild steel or copper?

Mild steel is harder than copper as it has a higher hardness level on the Mohs scale. Mild steel is commonly used in construction and manufacturing due to its durability and strength, while copper is known for its excellent electrical conductivity and malleability.

Which is more hard lead or mild steel?

Mild steel

What is the copper percent in mild steel?

Mild steel, not copper.

Is mild steel inlcudes stainless steel?

No, mild steel is low carbon steel with no other alloys.

What is nominal stress?

direct stress is based on the value obtained by dividing the load by originalcross-sectional area. That is the reason why the value of stress started dropping after neck is formedin mild steel (or any ductile material).But actually as material is stressed itscross-sectional area changes. We should divide load by the actual cross-sectional area to get truestress in the material. To distinguish between the two values we introduce the terms nominal stress and true stress True Stress =Load/ActualCross-sectionalArea Nominal Stress =Load/Original Cross-sectionalArea

Is A36 steel mild steel?

Yes. It is considered "Mild" Steel due to the low amount of carbon in the steel.

What are the aesthetics of mild steel?

Mild Steel aesthetics could be sh