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Expressed as a percentage, 1/2 is equal to 50 percent. Therefore, one half is bigger than 30 percent.

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Q: What is more 30 percent or one half?
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What is one half of 30?

One half of 30 is 15.One half of 30 is 15.One half of 30 is 15.One half of 30 is 15.One half of 30 is 15.One half of 30 is 15.

What percent of people die before age 30 in the U.S.?

One and one half percent of women, and 3% of men, die before the age of 30 in the U.S.

50 percent of what is 30?

60 50 percent of anything is half. Half of 60 is 30.

Which is more one third or 30 percent?

one third is greater than 30% because one third in percent form is 33%

50 percent percent of what number is 30?

60. 50 percent is half, so half of what number is 30? (multiply by 2)

What is bigger 30 percent or one third?

One third is bigger. 1/3 = .333333 30% = .30

Is 30 percent a lot?

That depends on what you are talking about. 30 percent is less than half of something and would depend on what you are taking 30 percent of to determine if it is a lot or not.

What is one-half of three percent of twenty dollars?

30 cents, or .3 dollars. 3% of 20 ( .03x20) is .6. Half of that is .3.

What is more 30 percent or 1.00 percent?

30% is more than 1%.

What is six nickels percent of two dollars?

6 nickel is 30 cents which is 30% of one dollar, half that and it's 15% of 2 dollars

How many months is 30 percent of a year?

3 and half months is 30% a year.

What is 50 percent off 30 meters?

It's half of 30 which is 15 metres.

What is the percent increase from 30 to 45?

That is an increase of 50%. 45 is half again as large as 30.

What is 30 percent of one gallon?

30 percent of gallon will be approximately 1.13562354 liters.

What is 30 percent more than 500ml?

30% more than 500ml = 650ml.

What is 87 and a half percent of 30?

87.5% of 30= 87.5% * 30= 0.875 * 30= 26.25

What percent is 15 out of 30?

50%, since 15 is half of 30 (and 1/2 = 0.5 = 50%).

How long is 30 minutes?

One half of an hour.

Which is more half of twenty or a third of 30?

half of 20 is 10 and a third of 30 is 10

How many seconds are in one half minute?

30 seconds are one half minute. 60 seconds are one minute.

What is 30 percent of 5 million dollars?

$1,500,000. 1 and half million dollars.

What is 3 percent of one thousand?

3 percent of one thousand is 30

What is 50 percent of 30 dollars?

50% of $30 is $15. The easiest way to do this is to just divide 30 by two, since 50% is half off.

What number is 3 more than 30 percent of 90?


How many sixtieths equal one half?

One half is 30 sixtieths.