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Zero times anything is zero.

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Q: What is multiplication of a rational number by zero?
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Related questions

How do multiplication and division of rational number relate to one another?

Division by a non-zero rational number is equivalent to multiplication by its reciprocal.

How are multiplying and dividing rational numbers related?

Dividing by a rational number (other than zero) is simply multiplication by its reciprocal.

Is zero a rational number but not an integer?

Zero is a rational number and an integer.

What happens when a rational number is divided by an irrational number?

When a rational numbers is divided by an irrational number, the answer is irrational for every non-zero rational number.

Is a rational number closed for addition and for multiplication?

A rational number is not. But the set of ALL rational numbers is.

Is O a rational number?

A rational number can be expressed as a fraction or ratio of two integers. Zero is an integer. Therefore, zero is a rational number EXCEPT, that the denominator of a rational number cannot be zero. You can't divide by zero.

How do you use reciprocals to solve a division problem with rational numbers?

Division by any non-zero number is the same as multiplication by its reciprocal.

Are rational numbers closed under division multiplication addition or subtraction?

Rational numbers are closed under addition, subtraction, multiplication. They are not closed under division, since you can't divide by zero. However, rational numbers excluding the zero are closed under division.

Is zero a rational or irratiional number?

It is rational.

What is multiplication property of zero?

The multiplication property of zero is that any number multiplied with zero equals zero. For any real number a, a*0 = 0.

Is zero a imagery number?

Zero is a rational number, not imaginary.

What kind of answer results when a rational number is multiplied zero?

The answer is zero. It is rational, precise, and exact.

Is 0 a rational or irrational number?

Zero (0) is a rational number, because it is a whole number and an integer.

Why does a rational number plus a rational number or a rational number multiplied by a rational number equal to rational number?

The way in which the binary functions, addition and multiplication, are defined on the set of rational numbers ensures that the set is closed under these two operations.

What is a product of any rational number and zero?


Zero property of multiplication?

Zero times any number is equal to zero.

Why the product of nonzero rational number and a rational number is an irrational?

Actually the product of a nonzero rational number and another rational number will always be rational.The product of a nonzero rational number and an IRrational number will always be irrational. (You have to include the "nonzero" caveat because zero times an irrational number is zero, which is rational)

What is the combination of rational numbers and irrational?

It the combination is multiplication and the rational number is 0, then the result is rational. Otherwise it is irrational.

Is zero the identity number for multiplication?

No. Zero is the identity element of addition. One is the identity element of multiplication. That means that adding zero, or multiplying by one, doesn't change the number.

What is the result of an irrational number times an rational number?

Unless the rational number is zero, the answer is irrational.

Are rational numbers closed under multiplication?

Rational numbers are closed under multiplication, because if you multiply any rational number you will get a pattern. Rational numbers also have a pattern or terminatge, which is good to keep in mind.

What is the property of zero in multiplication?

The special property that zero has is that if you multiply zero by any number, you get zero.

When do you use a negative rational number?

You use a negative rational number when an answer is below zero.

What is greater zero or any positive rational number?

Any positive rational number.

Which is greater zero or any positive rational number?

Any positive rational number.