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-8/10 (negative eight tenths)

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Q: What is negative 0.8 written as a fraction?
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Can negative 3 be written as a fraction?

No, it can be written as in improper fraction: 3/1

Is negative 22.3 rational?

Yes, as it can be written as a fraction.

What is the fraction of 08?

08 is the integer 8. As a fraction it can be written as 8/1 but I cannot see any point in doing so.

How is negative 4 written as a fraction?

-4/1 (Negative four over one)

If there is a negative sign beside a fraction is the fraction negative?

yes it is a negative fraction

How is dot 08 written in a fraction?

8/100 or 2/25

What is 15 to a negative fifth power as a fraction?

15 to the negative 5th power as a fraction can also be written as 1/15 to the 5th power.

Is a negative over a negative in a fraction the same as a negative fraction?


Can negative 41 be written as a fraction?

Yes: negative 41 over 1, 41 over negative 1 or you can write 41 over 1 and put the negative sign to the left of the fraction bar

If you multiply a negative fraction with a positive fraction do you get a negative fraction?


Is A Fraction Negative if it has a negative numerator?

If the numerator is negative and the denominator is positive then the fraction will be negative. If the numerator is negative and the denominator is negative too then the fraction will be positive.

When you multiply a fraction by a negative fraction is the answer negative?


How do you write -1 over one as a fraction?

Negative one over one written as a fraction is -1/1

Which one is more fraction or negative number?

Unless the fraction is negative, the fraction is

Can a negative integers can an fraction?

A negative integer cannot BE a fraction, but it can be part of a fraction.

What is negative seven and one third written as a fraction?

-7 1/3

Is negative 4.3 rational?

Yes. It can written as a fraction. -43 over 10.

Is negative 9 and one half a rational number?

Yes it is. It can be written as a fraction.

How do you do negative number fraction?

You put the negative to the side, before the fraction, or you put the negative in the numerator, so it's a negative fraction. It can look like this: -1/2 or the negative can be on the side of the fraction

What happens to the fraction if the denominator of a negative fraction increases?

The fraction becomes less negative. It remains a negative fraction but moves nearer to 0.

How do you write a negative decimal as a fraction?

just have the fraction be negative(do this by putting the negative symbol on the denominator, numerator or before the fraction).

Can a negative integer be a fraction?

Technically, yes. -3, a negative integer, can be written as -3/1 or -6/2 which are fractions.

What is a negative fraction divided by a negative fraction?

The result in this case is positive.

What is negative 13 in a improper fraction?

Negative 13 is an integer, not a fraction.

When a number in a fraction is negative does that mean that the whole fraction is negative?

Yes, it does.