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42... The answer to life, the universe and everything

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Q: What is negative 32 plus positive 218?
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What is -10 x - 4 plus - 8 equals?

The answer is 32. A negative number times a negative yields a positive. Adding a negative number is the same as subtracting a positive.

What integer represents the opposite value of 22times(32-15) plus 92?

Do the calculations, then change the sign - from positive to negative, or from negative to positive.

What is negative 13 minus positive 32?

negative 45

What is 256 divided by-32 divided by-4?

The answer is 2. However, if you did 256 divided by positive 32 divided by positive 4, you would get the same answer. Just as a negative times a negative equals a positive, so does a negative divided by a negative.

What is positive 6 minus negative 32?

6 - (-32) = 6 + 32 = 38

How do you simplify 5 dash 32?

If what you are asking is this: 5-32=?, then that would be a matter of simple subtraction. The 5 is positive, the 32 is negative; the largest number tells you what your end sign will be: positive or negative; in this case, negative. 5-32=(-27)

If you multiply a negative number by a negative number is your answer a negative number or a positive number?

Positive, so any number squared is positive, i.e. -32 = 9

What is 240 plus negative 32?


What is 18 plus negative 32?


Is the product of -8 and -4 equal to -32?

No. -8 multiplied by -4 is 32. (negative x negative = positive)

How do you evaluate 42 - - 32?

to evaluate means to work out or figure the answer... 42--32=10...? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Improved: You would actually right this question like: 42 - (-32); this is because you are not supposed to have two of the same symbols next to each other in a math equation. It looks sloppy and can get confusing. 42 - (-32) is the same thing as 42 + 32 because there are two negatives, and if you have previously learned this, a negative and a negative will make a positive in math. It's like have 42 positive marbles, then adding 32 positive and negative marbles, and getting rid of the negative ones (subtracting a negative just like you are doing in the equation). When you do that, you take away the 32 negative marbles, and are still left with the 32 positive ones PLUS the other 42 positive marbles, and you will now have a total of 64 marbles. So: 42 - (-32) = 64, and does NOT equal 10.

What does negative 32 plus 7 equals?

It equals negative 25!!

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