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Negative - a positive would make it keep it change it change it so the problem would look like this -8 + -2 = -6, Im in honors math just to let you know, with all the subtraction problems, if they are integers,you do keep it change it change it keep the first digit and don't do anything to it change the subtraction sign to an addition sign and if the next integer is positive make it a negative if it is a negative make it a positive.

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Q: What is negative eight minus two?
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What is negative two minus positive eight?

-2 minus 8 is -10.

What is eight plus negative two?

8 + -2 = 6 SIX. It is as if you are saying 8 minus two which equals 6. A negative is a minus.

Does six minus eight equal negative two?

yes of course!

What is negative seven minus negative four minus eight?


What is two quarters minus two thirds?

Two quarters minus two thirds is negative one sixth. Two quarters is six twelfths, and two thirds is eight twelfths. Six twelfths minus eight twelfths is minus two twelfths or minus one sixth.

What is negative fifteen minus eight?

negative 23

Is zero minus a positive eight a negative eight?


What is negative twenty nine minus negative twenty one?

Negative twenty nine minus negative twenty one is negative eight.

What is six minus negative eight?


What is negative five minus eight?


What is eight minus negative six?


What is 5 minus negative eight?

5 minus -8 is 13.

What is sixteen minus negative eight?

16 minus -8 is 24.

What is negative eight minus four?

-8 minus 4 is -12

What is minus twelve plus minus eight?

-20 negative 20 minus 20

What is negative three minus negative eight?

It is: -3--8 = 5

What is thirty-eight minus negative seventeen?

38 minus -7 is 45.

What is negative eight fifths minus negative three fifths?

the answer is negative 11 fifths

What is seven minus negative two times negative 4?

Seven minus negative two times negative 4 is equal to -1

Negative eight minus nine equals?


What is eight minus negative twenty one?


What is minus eight add seven?

Negative 1.

What is 51 minus 39 minus 35 minus 28 minus 17?

The answer is -68 (or negative sixty eight).

What is negative two minus negative five and a half?

-2 minus -5.5 is 3.5

What does negative three minus negative two equals?

-3 minus -2 is -1.