What is negative two minus positive eight?

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-2 minus 8 is -10.

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Q: What is negative two minus positive eight?
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What is positive eight minus negative 3?

When you have to subtract a negative number, the two negatives cancel each other out to create a positive. So really, your question is what is positive 8 plus positive 3.

Eight minus negative eight?

8-(-8) is the same as 8+8 since two negatives make a positive so it is 16.

What does positive 2 minus negative two equal?

positive 4

What is negative nine minus positive two?


What is negative two minus positive four?


What is positive two minus negative nineteen?

2 minus -19 is 21.

How can you use subtraction to complete an addition problem?

Treat the "plus positive X" as "minus negative X". Example: Positive two plus positive two equals positive four. Positive two minus negative two equals positive four.

What is negative minus a positive?

You get a positive subtracted number. A negative minus a positive number will always give a negative answer. And the answer will be more negative than either of the two numbers.

What minus negative two equals positive 6?


What is two minus negative 1?

3. positive 3

What is eight plus negative two?

8 + -2 = 6 SIX. It is as if you are saying 8 minus two which equals 6. A negative is a minus.

What is a negative minus a negative?

A negative minus a negative turns the latter into a plus positive,for example -6 minus -3 would be :-6 ++ 3 = -3A minus negative always turns into a plus positive...To get more Specific:Suppose x and y are two POSITIVE numbers so that -x and -y are negative. Then a negative minus a negative = (-x) - (-y) = -x +yIf x > y the answer is negativeIf x = y the answer is zeroIf x < y the answer is positive

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