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Q: What is negative one half times six?
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What is nine thirds divided by negative one half?

negative six

What is negative six multiplied by one half?


What is four and one third times one and one half?

six and three sixths or six and one half

What is one half times six times eight?


What is negative one fourth times negative six?

1.5 or 1 and 1/2

What is one half times fifty six?

it is 28

What is one and one half multiplied by negative six?

The answer to the problem 1.5 multiplied by -6 is -3.

How do you multiply negative four and negative six?

A negative multiplied by a negative always makes a positive number- so negative four times negative six is simply four times six, which equals twenty-four!

What is negative two times three?

Negative two times three is negative six.

What is six sevenths times seven twelfths?


What is six times two and one-half?

6 x 2.5 = 15

What is the asnwer when you estimate 6 divided by one half?

An estimate of this should lead directly to an answer. Six is equal to six times one. That's kinda obvious, but we need to look at the one. One half will go into that one about two times, so there are about two halves in a one. Since there are six ones in a six and two halves in a one there must be six times two halves in a six. That's about twelve halves. Six is equal to six times one or six ones. There are two one halves in a one, or two halves in a one. As there are two halves in a one and there are six ones in a six, there are two times six halves in a six. There are about twelve halves in a six.

What times what equals 30 and also equals negative 11?

Five times six equals thirty. Negative five plus negative six equals negative 11.

What is one and one half times six and three fourths?

9 and 1 fourth

How many times does ten and a half go into one hundred thirty six and one half?

136.5 / 10.5 = 13

Examples of multiplicative inverse property?

6 , times negative six equals one

How many inches are in six and one half?

six and one half

What is fifteen times negative six?


What is six times negative seven?


What is five plus negative 2 times six plus five minus two times negative two?

negative 24

What is one fourth of a teaspoon times six?

one and a half 0.25 x 6 = 1.5 (of anything)

What is one half times six times twelve?

1/2 x 6 x 12 = 36

What is negative six times negative 17?

-6 multiplied by -17 is 102.

What is 8 10 to the 0 power times negative 6?

The answer is negative six.

If the product of two numbers is an integer then the two numbers must be integer?

Not at all. Six times one half is three, and one half is not an integer.