What is negative potential?

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it's the phase of slow re-polarization

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Q: What is negative potential?
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Related questions

What metal has the highest negative potential?

Lithium has the highest negative potential of -3.045 volts

When negative work is being done what happens to potential energy?

Negative work increases potential energy.

What does a negative value for the standard potential indicate?

the negative value for a standard potential indicates that the reaction is not spontaneous.

Can potential energy be negative?

Yes. An object's potential energy is relative to an arbitrary constant. Depending on the choice of that constant, the potential energy can indeed be negative.

Why do electrons move from negative to positive charge?

the electron get a repulsive force from the negative potential and a attractive force from the positive potential

During an action potential hyperpolarization beyond more negative to the resting membrane potential is primarily due to?

Potential hyperpolarization are more negative to the resting membrane potential because of voltage. This is taught in biology.

If a resting potential becomes more negative what happens to the cell?

If the resting potential becomes more negative the cell becomes hyperpolarized.

The terminals of a diode are called the?

anode positive potential cathode negative potential

Which is negative outcome of the technology of vertical farming?

Potential unemployment

How do you find the voltage at a point in a circuit with respect to a negative voltage?

First of all, 'voltage' means potential difference -and you cannot have a potential difference 'at a point'. Similarly, you cannot have a 'negative' potential difference, so it doesn't make sense to talk about a 'negative voltage'.Your question, therefore, should read: 'How do you find the potential at a point in a circuit with respect to a negative potential?'The answer is that you simply connect a voltmeter between the two points. The reading will give you the value of the potential. If it reads upscale, then it'll be positive; if it reads downscale, then it will be negative (i.e. even more negative tan the reference potential).

Why the resting membrane potential of erythrocyte is more negative?

it isnt, it is less negative!

What pair of half-reacations would have a negative total reduction potential?

If the reduction potential of the cathode is greater than that of the anode, there will be a negative total reduction potential (reaction will not proceed spontaneously).

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