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because both are minus and minus and minus is below zero, it would be 2 further below zero, -7-2=9

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Q: What is negative seven minus negative two equal?
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What is seven minus negative two times negative 4?

Seven minus negative two times negative 4 is equal to -1

What does negative seven minus positive two equal?


Is negative five minus two is equal to negative five plus negative two?

Negative five minus two = seven(-5-2=7) Negative plus negative two also = 7(-5--2=7) so the answer is same so the answer is YES.

Does negative forty five minus positive eighty two equal negative one hundred twenty seven?


What is seven minus negative two?

7 minus -2 is 9.

What does negative two minus zero equal?


What does negative three minus two equal?


What does negative thirteen minus two equal?


What is negative elliven over two minus twelv over seven equal to?

-77/14 - 24/14 = -101/14

What does two times negative two minus a negative five equal?

2 * (-2) - (-5) = 1

What does positive 2 minus negative two equal?

positive 4

Does six minus eight equal negative two?

yes of course!

What is 3 minus negative one over two plus seven?

The solution to three minus negative one over two plus seven is 21/2. In decimal form, the solution is 10.5.

What does seven minus three and two fifths equal?

Seven minus 3 2/5 is 3 3/5

What does 20 minus negative 24 equal?

The problem 20 minus negative 24 equals 44 because two negatives become a positive.

What is nine times thirty seven minus two hundred ninety?

Nine times thirty-seven minus two hundred ninety is equal to 43.

What is the answer to five less seven?

Five minus seven is negative two. Here's a trick: switch the numbers around and then take your answer. Give it a minus sign.

What does a negative subtract a negative equal?

The result can be either positive or negative, depending on the sizes of those original two negative numbers. (-8) minus (-10) = positive 2 (-8) minus (-5) = negative 3

What is two minus negative four?

2 - (-4) is equal to 2 + 4. The answer to that is 6.

What is three and one third minus 6 equal?

negative 2 and two thirds

What does seven and one half minus two and one fifth equal?

A number.

Does a negative subtracted from a negative equals in a negative in algebra?

It can. Negative 2 minus negative 1 = negative 1. However, it sometimes might be positive. Negative 5 minus negative 16 = positive 11. If you have two equal negative variables, such as -a - -a, you will get -2a. -2a may still be positive though, if a is a negative number. An example of having two unequal negative numbers is -a - -b, which is -a + b. That may be positive or negative depending on what a and b are equal to.

What is negative twelve minus negative three?

-12 - (-3) Two negatives equal a positive. So, -12 + 3 = -9

What does a negative minus a negative equal?

Suppose x and y are two POSITIVE numbers so that -x and -y are negative. Then a negative minus a negative = (-x) - (-y) = -x +y If x > y the answer is negative If x = y the answer is zero If x < y the answer is positive

What is negative tewnty-two minus negative eleven?

Well since two positives equal a negative, the problem would really seem to be -22+11 which then equals -11