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positive 4

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Q: What does positive 2 minus negative two equal?
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A positive plus a positive equals?

A positive plus a positive will equal a positive. However a negative minus a negative will not equal a negative. It will equal a positive.

What does negative seven minus positive two equal?


Does a positive number minus a negative number equal a positive?

Yes, for any value of the two numbers.

What does a negative subtract a negative equal?

The result can be either positive or negative, depending on the sizes of those original two negative numbers. (-8) minus (-10) = positive 2 (-8) minus (-5) = negative 3

What does 20 minus negative 24 equal?

The problem 20 minus negative 24 equals 44 because two negatives become a positive.

Does a negative subtracted from a negative equals in a negative in algebra?

It can. Negative 2 minus negative 1 = negative 1. However, it sometimes might be positive. Negative 5 minus negative 16 = positive 11. If you have two equal negative variables, such as -a - -a, you will get -2a. -2a may still be positive though, if a is a negative number. An example of having two unequal negative numbers is -a - -b, which is -a + b. That may be positive or negative depending on what a and b are equal to.

Does negative forty five minus positive eighty two equal negative one hundred twenty seven?


Does a negative number minus a positive number equal a positive or a negative number?

It always is a negative number. The result will be the sum of the two digits with a minus sign in front of it, eg, (-4) - (+7) = -4 - 7 = -11.

What does a negative minus a negative equal?

Suppose x and y are two POSITIVE numbers so that -x and -y are negative. Then a negative minus a negative = (-x) - (-y) = -x +y If x > y the answer is negative If x = y the answer is zero If x < y the answer is positive

What is negative twelve minus negative three?

-12 - (-3) Two negatives equal a positive. So, -12 + 3 = -9

What does a plus minus a minus equal?

A positive number minus a negative number? x - -x is the same as x + x because the negative signs cancel each other out and become positive. So, when you see two negative signs right after the other, just add.

Why does a negative plus equal a negative but a negative time a negative equal a positive?

Addition and multiplication are two different operators so it is no surprise that their outputs are different. Otherwise there would be no point in having different operators.For example, a negative minus a negative can be positive, negative or zero!

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