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Negative 5 and three tenths.

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Q: What is negative three and a half minus one and four fifths?
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What is negative 6 and three twenty-fifths minus one third?

We can convert into seventy-fifths. 6 and nine seventy-fifths minus twenty-five seventy-fifths equals negative 6 and thirty-four seventy-fifths.

What is twenty four fifths minus three?

Twenty four fifths is four and four fifths. So if you take three away, that leaves one and four fifths.

Four fifths minus four over three?

4/5 - 4/3 = -8/15, or negative eight fifteenths

What is four fifths minus one fifth?

Assuming that you mean "fifths", the answer is three fifths.

What is 4 and three fifths minus 3 and four fifths?


What Four fifths minus three tenths?


What is four minus two and two fifths?

I believe the answer is ; one and three fifths. Thanks!

What is three minus negative four?

3-(-4)= 3+4= 7

What is four fifths minus three?

-2 and 1/5

What is four fifths minus three fourths?


What is negative 3 minus 1?

a minus three minus an neative one is a negative four

What is the answer to negative three minus one?

Negative four

What is six and one fifth minus two and four fifths?

3.4 or three and two fifths

What is bigger negative four tenths or negative four fifths?

negative four fifths

What is four and three tenths minus two and four fifths?

1 1/2

What is six and two fifths minus four and three eights?


What is four and four fifths minus two?

two & four fifths

What is four fiftieths minus three fifths?

4/50 minus 3/5 is -13/25

What is two and three tenths minus four fifths?

1 and 1/2

What is three and two fifths minus one and three fifths?

3 2/5 - 1 3/5 = 2 7/5 - 1 3/5 = 1 4/5 Or...seventeen fifths minus eight fifths is nine fifths, ie one and four fifths.

What is positive three minus negative four?


What is negative four minus positive three?


Four fifths divided by negative four sevenths?

negative one and two fifths

What is three fourths minus four fifths?

As a decimal: 0.05 As a fraction: 1/20

What is eight and one half minus four and three fifths?

3 9/10.