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Any number multiplied by one is itself.

Therefore, negative three times one is negative three.

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Q: What is negative three times one?
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What is three times negative one?

negative 3

What is negative two times three?

Negative two times three is negative six.

What is three times negative three?

negative 9

What is 3 times negative 2 minus three?

Three times negative 2 minus three is equal to -9

What negative three times negative nine?


What is negative sixteen times three?

negative 48

What is one third times negative three?

1/3 * (-3) = -1

What times three equals negative one?

im pretty sure its -1/3.

What times what equals 3?

One and three: 1×3 = 3 Negative one and negative three: -1×-3 = 3 One and the absolute value of three: 1×|3| = 3 One and the absolute value of negative three: 1×|-3| = 3 The square root of one and three: √1)×3 = 3

Why does the cube root of a positive integer only have one solution?

Because negative numbers multiplied by themselves three times will be negative.

What is negative three fourths plus negative three fourths?

negative one and a half

What is 3x-5?

Three times negative five is negative fifteen.

What is negative three times three fourths?


What is negative 6 plus one times negative one?

Negative seven is.

What is greater negative 1 and one fifth or negative three fourths?

negative three fourth

How do you evaluate the expression negative 3 over negative 3 with a power of 2?

-3/-3 is a double negative, and therefore equals a positive. Three thirds - the result - is equal to one. When you square (take to the power of two) the number one, you get one, because one times itself is one. If you were saying -3/(-32), however, your result will be different. -32 is another double negative, equalling a positive. Three times three is nine. therefore, your result for that is -3/9. When simplified, this turns into -1/3.

What is negative 4 times 3 minus negative 4 minus negative 10 cubed plus three divided by three?


What is negative three times five?


What is negative nine times three?


True or false negative three divided by negative one is three?


What is negative four times negative one?

Four. Remember, negative times negative equals positive.

What is 5 times the power of negative three times two?


What is three times negative seven?

3 times -7 is -21

What is three times negative thirty?

The answer is: 3 times -30 = -90

Why can a negative number have a cube root?

Because if you multiply a negative number three times, the product will be negative.