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-2 2/3 + 16 = 13 1/3

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Q: What is negative two and two thirds plus sixteen?
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What is the sum of sixteen and two-thirds plus sixteen and two-thirds?

thiry three and one third

What is sum of sixteen and one-third plus sixteen and one-third?

32 and two-thirds

What is negative two-thirds plus 1?

Your answer is 1/3

What is four plus negative one thirds?

3 2/3 ; three and two thirds

What is negative one sixth plus negative two thirds?

The sum is -5/6

What is negative two thirds plus six and one eighth?


What is negative two thirds plus 5?

4 1/3

How many thirds are in negative two thirds?

Negative two of them are.

Answer for -16t plus 32t?

Negative sixteen plus thirty two is 16. When a number is negative, subtract the negative number from the positive one to find the answer.

What is the answer to negative two-thirds plus negative four-fifths?

-10/15 - 12/15 = -22/15

What is negative two minus five thirds?

negative three and two thirds

What is eight and two thirds plus negative one and three fifths?

who the hell knows