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Q: What is negative two thirds divided by 5 as a fraction?
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What is negative 10 divided by negative two-thirds?

Negative 10 divided by negative two-thirds = 15/1 or 15

What is negative eight divided by two and two thirds?

negative 3

What is -1.6666666666666667 as a fraction?

negative one and two thirds

What does negative ninety divided by negative two thirds equal?


What is the fraction to three and two thirds divided by one third?

Three and two thirds divided by one third = 11/1 or 11

What is 800.00 divided by two-third fraction?

800.00 divided by two-thirds = 1200/1

What is negative 5 twelves divided by 2 thirds?


What fraction is closer to zero negative five twelves or negative two thirds?


What is three and one seventh divided by negative three and two thirds?

Three and one seventh divided by negative three and two thirds equates to -6/7 in simplest terms.

What is two thirds divided by negative five twelve?


How can you divide the fraction 60 and two and two thirds and simplify the answer?

60 2/3 divided by what?

How many thirds are in negative two thirds?

Negative two of them are.

Is two thirds a fraction?

Yes 2/3 or two thirds is a fraction.

What is two-thirds in fraction form?

Two thirds is the name of the fraction 2/3.

What is negative two minus five thirds?

negative three and two thirds

What is two divided by three?

The answer is the fraction two thirds 2/3 (or the repeating decimal 0.6666)

What is four thirds divided by two fifths?

Four thirds divided by two fifths equals ten thirds.

What is 6 divided by two thirds?

To divide by a fraction, multiply by its reciprocal. In this instance, 6 / 2/3 = 6 x 3/2 = 9. Therefore, 6 divided by two thirds is equal to 9.

What i negative three fifths divided by two thirds?

-3/5 divided by 2/3 is -0.9 or -9/10

What is -15 divided by 9?


What is two-thirds as a fraction?

Two thirds is 2/3.

What is two thirds divided by two thirds?


What fraction is bigger two fourths or two thirds?

Two thirds is bigger.

What is negative two-thirds minus two?

neg 2 and two thirds -2 2/3 in a mixed number the neg sign is for both the whole number and the fraction

What is negative two thirds divided by negative one?

(-2/3) / (-1) = 2/3