What is negative work done?

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Hold your open hand at shoulder-height, and have your associate carefully place a Bowling ball in your hand. Now allow the hand and bowling ball to descend slowly to the floor. Your hand has done 'negative work', equal to the (weight of the ball) times (distance it descended).

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Q: What is negative work done?
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What happens when work is done in the negative?

When work is done in negative it can effect how well the work is performed and the outcome of the work.

Can work done by a force be negative?

Yes. If force is negative, then work will be negative.

How do you determine a work done is positive sign or negative sign?

If work is done on the system then it has a negative sign. If work is done by the system then it has a positive sign.

Can work done be negative?

Yes - work can be done BY a system or ON a system. Depending on whether the work is going into the system or out of it the sign on the work can be negative or positive.

When do you say that the work done is positive or negative?

There are different conventions as to what work is negative and what work is positive. The convention used by engineers and physicists is that work done BY the system on its surroundings is positive while work done ON the system by its surroundings is negative. Chemists reverse these conventions.

What can be said about a situation in which work done is negative?

the formula F.S cos angle is used (the dot product) so if angle is 0,cos angle=1 hence work done is positive and maximum if angle is 90 so cos 90 is 0 hence work done is minimum if work done is negative the angle is 180 The work done by friction is always negative (opposite the force) Since work is force x displacement, a negative value for work could mean that the displacent was negative

When negative work is being done what happens to potential energy?

Negative work increases potential energy.

What is the sign of the work done by the frictional force?


When swimming work done is positive or negative?


When you say work is done against a force you mean the force does?

Negative work

Is the work done by the system is considered as positive or on the system is considered as positive?

Work done by the system is considered as PositiveWork done on the system is considered as Negative

If you push on a box but the box moves backward you have done work?


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