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When adding a negative to a positive, the answer is positive if the positive is greater, and negative if the negative is greater. In other words, subtract the smaller from the larger and take the sign of the larger.

Example: -7 + 9 = +2

Example: -9 + 7 = -2

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Q: What is negitve plus positive equals?
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What is negitve 2 plus positive 0?

The answer is -2.

If negitve 8 plus x equals negitve 3 what is x?

-8 + x = -3 x = -3 + 8 x = 5

Positive plus a positive equals?

a positive

Positive plus positive equals?

always positive

What does Negative plus positive?

negative plus positive equals to zero

What is tha sum of two positive numbersTwo negative?

positive plus positive equals positive negative plus negative equals negative

What happens when you multiply a negi tive and a negitve?

The product is positive.

Explain in your own words how we add numbers with different signs?

Positive plus positive equals positive. Negative plus negative equals negative. Positive greater than negative equals positive. Negative greater than positive equals negative.

What does positive 7 plus positive 7 equals?


Does a negative plus a positive equal a positive?

No it equals negative. (-)+(+)=(-)

What is negative 15 plus positive 20?

Negative 15 plus positive 20 equals 20 minus 15, which equals 5.

What is negative two plus positive five?

it equals positive 3

What is a positive fourteen plus a negative ten equals?

positive 4

Father b plus plus mother o plus equals?

b positive :)

Is a proton positive or negitve charge?

a proton is a POSITIVE charge, an electron is a negative charge and a neutron is neither positive or negative. a neutron is neutral.

Why does a positive plus positive equals negative?

Actually it doesn't. Add two positive numbers, and you always get a positive result.

Positive 8 - positive 5 equals 8 plus?

positive 8 - positive 5 = 8 plus negative 5 8 - 5 = 8 + (-5)

How do you find the quotient if one is negitve and one is positive?

same way except it is a negative quotient.

What does a -x plus equals?

A negative times a positive is negative.

Negative 7 plus positive 3 equals?


Negative plus a negative positive?

nope negative plus negative equals a negative -2+(-4)=-6 but negative times negative equals a positive

How can you use subtraction to complete an addition problem?

Treat the "plus positive X" as "minus negative X". Example: Positive two plus positive two equals positive four. Positive two minus negative two equals positive four.

What does positive 12 plus positive 4 equals?

It equals postive 16 for more of these prombles go to thank you you ask it I solve it :p

What is negative 3 plus positive 7 equal?

Positive 4 -3 + 7= 4 Negative 3 plus positive 7 equals positive 4.

Why does Negative plus Negative equals Positive?

They don't, however a negative multiplied by a negative creates a positive.