What is nine over twelve subtracted by four over 5?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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9/12 minus 4/5 = -1/20

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Q: What is nine over twelve subtracted by four over 5?
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Is four over nine equivalent to twelve over twenty seven?


What is eleven over twelve take away one sixth?

nine over twelve or three over four if wanted simplified

What is five over twelve plus four over nine?

31/36 or 31 over 36

What is four over twelve times nine?

4/12 x 9 = 3

What is nine subtracted by eight over four?

9 - 8/4 = 7 (9 - 8)/4 = 1/4

What does nine twelfths equal?

nine over twelve.

Is the sum of nine over twelve and one over six greater or less than one?

The sum of nine or twelve and one over six is 11 over twelve, which is LESS THAN one.

What is one over seven divided by nine over twelve?


How do you turn 12 over 4 into a whole number?

Twelve over four is the same thing as twelve divided by four. This equals 3.

What is 5 over twelve subtracted by 2 over 6?

2/6 = 4/12 5/12 - 4/12 = 1/12

Is three fours equal to nine twevles in fractions?

Three fours (12) is not equal to nine twelves (108). However, three over four (3/4) is equal to nine over twelve (9/12) which are known as equivalent fractions to each other.

What is 5 over 2 plus eight over nine subtracted by two over three?

The answer is 49 over 18 or 2 and 13 over 18.