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Q: What is non symmetrical square wave?
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Is a sine wave a symmetrical waveform?

Since a sine wave is described by the trigonometric sin(x) function, which is symmetrical, the sine wave is also symmetrical, unless there is a DC bias, in which case it is not. (It depends on your definition of symmetry)

What are non symmetrical shapes?

I dont really know. That is what I am trying to figure out !! I think non-symmetrical shapes are shapes where all sides are different lengths/sizes. For example, a square or rectangle would not be non-symmetrical. It would be symmetrial because not all of the sides are different lengths. Hope that kinda helps. If not, I'm sorry!!

What are the non-symmetrical parts of the body?

testicles or breasts are commonly non symmetrical but in perfect situations there are no non symetricals

Is the standard normal curve non symmetrical?

The standard normal curve is symmetrical.

What are characteristics of square root functions?

There are two square root functions from the non-negative real numbers to either the non-negative real numbers (Quadrant I) or to the non-positive real numbers (Quadrant IV). The two functions are symmetrical about the horizontal axis.

Does a pretzel have symmetry?

Depends on the pretzel non-symmetrical ones:no the symmetrical ones: yes

Why does a square look the same when you flip it?

Because it is symmetrical.Because it is symmetrical.Because it is symmetrical.Because it is symmetrical.

If the distance between the crest and trough of a wave is 0.6m what is the amplitude?

Assuming the wave is regular and symmetrical, it will be 0.3 m.

Can a distribution be symmetrical and non-normal?


In telecommunication what is a pulse train with a 50 percent duty-cycle called?


Is chi-square distribution symmetrical about mean value?


Where are the puzzle pices at in counterfrait?

It is a non-symmetrical dragon.