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Nought point nought nine as a fraction is 9/100

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Q: What is nought point nought nine as a fraction?
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How do you write 0.039 in word form?

Nought point nought three nine

What is nought point one as a fraction?

0.1 = 1/10

What is nought point three as a fraction?

0.3 = 3/10

Divide nought point nine by one hundred?


What number is nought point eight less than nine?


How do you write each number in words for 0.9?

0.9 = nought point nine or nine tenths

What is 0.694 in word form?

(nought or zero) point six nine four.

How do you write 0.7869 in words?

nought point seven eight six nine.

What is nought point five as a fraction?

It equals one half: 0.5=1/2

How do you write 0.933 in words?

Nine hundred thirty-three thousandths, or nought point nine three three.

How do you write 0.96 in words?

0.96 in words is nought (or zero) point nine six

What is 6.029186 in word form?

Six point nought two nine one eight six

What is nought point eight as a fraction in it's simplest form?

0.8 = 8/10 = 4/5

What is nought point 2?

0.2 is 1/5 as a fraction, and 20% as a percentage.

What is the correct way to say this number 75.09?

75.09 is seventy five point nought nine or seventy five and nine hundredths

How do you say .002?

Point nought nought two or point zero zero two.

What is the decimal in words for 0.06?

nought point nought six

What would the number 0.00065 be in word form?

this could be written as ; nought point nought nought nought six five

How do you say 0.007 in word form?

Nought point nought nought seven

What is nought point two five as a fraction?

It can be cancelled down to a quarter (1/4) but literally is 25/100

How do you write 5.0084 in word?

five point nought nought eighty four

How do you write 6259.05 in letters?

six thousand two hundred and fifty nine, and nought point five or and one twentieth

How do you write .076 in word form?

Nought point nought seven six = 0.076

How do you write 0.017 in words?

nought point nought one seven or seventeen one thousandths

What is nought point one as a percentage?