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There are quadratic functions and irrational functions and fractional functions and exponential functions and also finding maxima and minima

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Q: What is on the Kumon Level K achievement test?
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What are the answers for the kumon level k 141 to 147?

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It is specific questions, here's the ones I found on reddit. Hope it helps. Quadratic Functions: 1: K26a, No. 2 2: Example on K35a 3: K43b, No. 3 4: Example on K73b Quadratic Inequalities, Higher Degree Inequalities 5: K82a, No. 5 K113a, No. 2 K119a, No. 3 Fractional Functions: K133b, No. 1 Example on K144b Example on K146a Irrational Functions: K159a, No. 1 Example on K164a Example on K165a Exponential Functions: K176a, No.7 K180a, No. 5 K180a, No. 6 K189a, No. 1 K192b, No. 1 K194b, No. 1 Example on K196b

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