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1.25x10 -03

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Q: What is one-eighth of one percent in numbers?
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What percent of numbers from 1 to 100 are prime numbers?

25 percent of the numbers from 1 to 100 are prime numbers.

What percent of the numbers one to one hundred are composite?

There are 24 prime numbers less than 100.So 76 of them = 76% of them are composite.

How do you you write ninety-nine and fifty one hundredths percent in numbers?


What is sixteen and three fourths percent written as mixed number?

It can't be one. Mixed numbers are greater than 100 percent.

What is 12 percent plus 20 percent?

12 percent plus 20 percent equals 32 percent. To add one percentage to another simply add the numbers together and keep the percentage sign.

What does convert mean in math fraction and percent and decimal?

Starting with one of fraction, percent or decimal, find an equivalent value in one of the other ways of expressing numbers.

What rational number is between 17 percent and 42 percent?

There are an infinite number of rational numbers between 17% and 42%. 0.1700000001 % is one such.

What is 28 percent in to numbers?

28 percent is 0.28

What percent of numbers 1-100 are odd numbers?

Since odd numbers are in a ratio of 1:2 it means for every one odd there will be one even, there would be 50 odd numbers between 1-100, and 50 even numbers. So 50%.

What is 31.97 percent translated to numbers of people?

It depends on the population that you are thinking about. 31.97% of the population of one city, one country and the world will all give different numbers of people.

Express one number as a percentage of another?

The number 20 is 20 percent of 100. All numbers under 100 are the same as expressed as a percent. Five is 5 percent, 10 is 10 percent, and so on.

What is 53 percent in numbers?

53 percent is 53% or 0.53