What is one-half added to one - tenth?

Updated: 4/17/2022
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Q: What is one-half added to one - tenth?
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What is onehalf of a quart and what is the answer from onehalf to pints?

One half of a quart is one pint.

What is one tenth added to 2.9?


What is one fifth added to one tenth?

It is: 3/10 or 0.3

How many thousandths when added together equal one tenth?

100 of them.

What is one-tenth less than ten added to four?


How do you answer 175 divided by onehalf?


What is multiply 1.4 added to one tenth?

Your question is not clear. You want to multiply 1.4 added to one tenth. What are you multiplying it by? It takes a minimum of two numbers to perform a multiplication. If I add one tenth to 1.4 the sum is 1.5 and after that, I could multiply it by something if there was something to multiply it by.

Which is the area of this triangle?

The formula for the area of a triangle is: onehalf(b)(h) b:base and h:height For example: A triangle is 4 inches tall and 3 inches wide. What is the area of the triangle? Answer: onehalf(b)(h) onehalf(3)(4) onehalf(12) 6 So, the area of this particular triangle is 6 inches squared.

How many mls equals one and onehalf teaspoons?

1.5 tablespoons of water is 22.5 mls.

What is one fith added to one tenth?

It is: 1/5 plus 1/10 = 3/10

How do you decide whether a fraction is between 0 and one half or between onehalf and one?

you have to make a number line and show your work

What is one half added to one tenth?