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A single statement, using variables, can convey the same information as many, sometimes infinitely many, statements.

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Q: What is one advantage of using a variable to represent a pattern?
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What is the total of 8 and a number when using x to represent the variable?

8 + x

What is the advantage of swapping two variables without using 3 variable?

Nothing. Never do that.

What are the advantages of using a variable length instruction format?

One of its advantage is to save storage space.

What is the definition for defining the variable?

choosing a variable to represent one of the unspecified numbers in a problem and using it to write expressions for the other unspecified numbers in the problem.

When we are using circle graph to represent datas?

Circle graphs are use to illustrate the breakdown of a single variable into its components.

What is an advantage to using equations?

When given two names (variable expressions) for the same quantity, you can use algebra to solve the equation.

How would you represent using z as the variable represent five less than twice a number?

If the number is 'z', then five less than twice the number is ( 2z - 5 ).

What are the limitations of a variable over advantage of array?

variable cant occupy contigious memory it may take complexity in storing vast data.this becomes easy on using the array concept....

What is the advantage of using variable length inlet manifolds?

Maximizes torque/power out of the engine by increasing cylinder filling (volumetric efficiency).

What are the advantage of using pointer in a program?

pointers points to the memory address of another functions we have two kind of variables the actual and dummy variable. when we operate on variables..the value of dummy variables are effected, but if we want to make changes in the actual variable then we have to refer to their address..and we can reach to address of the variables by only using pointers.

How do you solve an or problem if a variable is unrestricted in sign?

Solve the problem using the + sign for the variable. Then solve the problem using the - sign for the variable. Report your answer as the answer that you got using + or the answer that you got using -.

A sentence using the word independent variable?

This is a sentence using the phrase "independent variable".

What is a variable and what is it used for?

The standard variable is a representation of a number. Variables are typically letters that can be distinguished from numbers. The most common examples of a variable is x, y, or z. Variables that you should stay away from using are t (because it looks like an addition sign), and o (because it looks like a zero).Ex: 5x+5=15* * * * *Variables can be used to represent simultaneously mathematical procedures for a number of different values.So, for example, 5x+5 stands for "multiply your variable by 5 and add 5". For each value of the variable x, this will give a different result, but the advantage of using this notation is that you can process all of them together instead of individually.

Advantage of using template in an organization?

advantage of using template in an orgainsation

What are register variables What are the advantage of using register variables?

Asks the compiler to devote a processor register to this variable in order to speed the program's execution. The compiler may not comply and the variable looses it contents and identity when the function it which it is defined terminates.

Why m represent the slope?

slope can be represented by any variables, such that, the variable representing the slope is defined. by convention, mathematicians and mathematics books authors used and are using "m" as the variable for slope. (recommended to have further historical research on this matter)

Mario Is three years younger than David Write and algebra expression to show Mario's age using M as the variable?

Without a variable to represent David's age, the only possible expression is Mario's age = M.

How to display a variable in PHP using echo or print statements?

displaying a variable in php using echo statement? <?php $name="ram"; //declaring and defining the variable echo "$name"; //printing the variable using echo command ?>

What variable do you change when using the scientific method?

The independent variable

Make a sentence using hypothesis controlled experiment and variable?

Make a sentence using hypothesis, controlled experiment and variable. Make a sentence using hypothesis, controlled experiment and variable.

How do you solve word problems using variables?

Use a variable to represent the unknown. 'Translate' the words to math symbols and write an equation to solve. Solve the equation. Check.

What is the advantage of using telnet in router configuration?

The main advantage of using this is remote access on the network.

which of these is advantage of using natural gas?

It is fairly safe for use in homes.

Sentence using variable?

I have variable hours of work; today I will leave early.

How do you make power supply variable?

A power supply can be made variable by using a variable resistor in the the supply line.