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1 hour and 25 minutes

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Q: What is one and five-twelfth hours?
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One year is how many hours?

One year is about 8,765.81 hours.

How many hours in one day?

a day is 24 hours long24 hours in one dayApproximately 24

How many hours in one third of June?

As one third of June equals 10 days, there are 240 hours in one third of June.

How many hours are there in one week?

There are 168 hours in 7 days (one week).

How many hours is 2101?

It is two thousand one hundred one hours!

What fraction of a min is 10 hours?

Ten hours is not a fraction of one minute. Ten hours is six hundred minutes. One minute is one six-hundredth of ten hours.

What is one and half hours in decimal?

1.5 hours

What is one half of the hours in a day?

12 hours.

what is what is one third of June in hours?

June has 30 days - a total of 720 hours. One third is 240 hours.

How many hours are in one hour?

In one hour there is one hour or 60 minutes. In one day there are 24 hours.

How many hours are in one and an half days?

There are 36 hours in one and a half days.

What number of hours in one day on Neptune?

There is 16 hours on Neptune in one day

How many hours is one night on Jupiter?

There are 4.9625 hours in one night on Jupiter.

How many hours for starter installation?

one and one half hours of shop time.

How many hours will it take one to be clean from use?

Can one be clean after 84 hours

How long does it take for each of the planets to make one rotation?

One rotation is equal to one day. Mercury -1,409 hours Venus - 5,832 hours Earth - 24 hours Mars - 25 hours Jupiter - 10 hours Saturn - 10 hours Uranus - 18 hours Neptune - 19 hours

How many hours are in 49 hours?

There are:49 hours in 49 hours48 hours in two days24 hours in one day..

How many hours in a day?

12 hours for AM and 12 hours for PM.

How many hours does it take to drive from Las Vegas to Portland?

The one in Oregon is 16 hours. The one in Maine is 42 hours.

How many hours make one quarter of a day?

6 hours

What is the maximum hours one can drive in a day?

24 hours.

What hours is one hour and twelve minutes?

1.2 hours

How many hours in one week?

168 hours in a week

How many hours are there in one day?

Approx 24 hours.

How many hours are in one million seconds?

277.7778 hours.