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1 1/2 x 5/4 is 1 7/8

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Q: What is one and half times five over four?
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What is one half two over 3 divided by three over four minus four over five times five over six?


What is 5 times 4 plus 5 over 5?

Five times four is twenty. Twenty plus five is twenty-five. Twenty-five over five is five. The answer is five.

How do you round four over five to the nearest half?

4/5 to the nearest half is 1.

What is four over five times twenty five?

4/5 * 25 = 20

What is three over five times four over seven?

12 over 35 and then siplify

How many times does half go into five over ten?


Five sixths times two and two thirds times three?

four two over six

What does a half times twenty five in a fraction equal?

the answer is 12.5 over 25 your welcome

What is the simplest form for four over five?

the simplest form of four over five is....four over five. You can't reduce that fraction because it already is in simplest form.

What is five times over 3?

The answer depends on five times WHAT?

What is three over four times five?

3/4 x 5 is 3 3/4

What is six times four over five?

6 multiplied by 4/5 = 4 4/5

What is four over five times two?

4/5 x 2 is 1 3/5

What is four over five equivalent to?


Which of four fractions are of the greatest four over five five over eleven three over seven and seven over nine?

Of those, 4/5 is the greatest.

How many twos go into five?

2 goes into 5 two and a half times 2 times with one left over

What is four over five add four over five?

The sum of 4/5 and 4/5 is 1 3/5

What is three over five times twenty-four?

3/5 x 24 = 14 2/5

What is five over thirty plus four over six?

Five over six 5/6

What is four fifths as a mixed number?

You can't write four over five as a mixed number. five over four perhaps and that would be 1 and 1/4

What is three over four plus five over six?

1 7/12 (one and seven-twelfths)

How do you write over half in decimal?

"over half" is the same as two times.

What is forty-five over four times fourteen?

45/4 x 14 = 157 1/2 or 157.5

What is forty five over four times fourteen?

45/4 x 14 is 157 1/2 or 157.5

What is 4 over 5 simplfied?

four over five (four-fifths) cannot be simplified

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