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3/6, or 1/2

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Q: What is one and two over six minus five over six?
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Related questions

What is five one six minus one six equals?

five one six minus one six equals five zero zero

What is the answer to five over six minus one over eight?

Actually five over six minus one over eight can be placed as five divided by six minus one divided by 8, which looks like this: 5/6-1/8 5 divide 6-1 = 5 divide 5 = 1 1 divide by 8 =1 over 8 Ans: 1 over 8

What is one half two over 3 divided by three over four minus four over five times five over six?


What is 2 over 5 minus 1 over 3?

We convert to fifteenths which gives six fifteenths minus five fifteenths, so the answer is one fifteenth.

What is six over six minus five over six?


What are the fractions six and one over two minus 1 and five over eight?

39/8 or 47/8

What is six minus five and four over seven?

3 over 7

What is five over six minus thirteen over eighteen?


What is five plus five minus 6?

Five plus five minus six is four The answer is 4!! Five plus five minus six is four The answer is 4!! Five plus five minus six is four The answer is 4!!

What is three fourths minus one eight?

Three fourths is six eighths. Six eighths minus one eighth is five eighths.

What is the product of four x squared minus one over two x squared minus five x minus three and x squared minus six x plus nine over two x squared plus five x minus three?

By factoring I get x-3 divided by x+3

Five minus one and six eights?


What is a one half minus one over six minus two over eleven?


What is five more than the quantity of a number minus six?

The number minus one.

What is Forty- eight minus five over six?

48 minus 5/6 is 47 1/6

What is six and one half minus one and five sixths simplified?


What is five over twelve minus one over six?

5/12 - 1/6 = 5/12 - 2/12 = 3/12 = 1/4

What is three over five minus two over six?

9/15 - 5/15 = 4/15

What is eight over nine minus three over four?

Five (5) over Thirty six (36). Or, roughly .13888888889.

What is negative twenty- six minus negative nine four over five?


What is thirty six minus one fourth?

Thirty five and three fourths.

What is the answer to the fraction nine and five-ninths minus six and five-sixths?

Nine and five-ninths minus six and five-sixths = 49/18 or 213/18

What is five minus eleven?

Five minus eleven is negative six, or 5-11=-6.

What is eleven fifteenths minus two fifths?

Two fifths is six fifteenths. Eleven fifteenths minus six fifteenths is five fifteenths, which is also one third.

What is the answere to the fraction. six over seven minus five over seven?

6/7 - 5/7 = 1/7