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1 centiliter is 1/100 of a liter.

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Q: What is one centiliter?
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Which one is larger a milliliter or centiliter?

A centiliter 1 centiliter = 10 milliliters 1 milliliter = 0.1 centiliter

How many cubic centiliter is in one Milli liter?

100 milliliters are in one centiliter.

How many centiliter go in one litter?

There are hundred litters in a centiliter.

How many militers make one centiliter?

10 milliliters = 1 centiliter

How many deciliter is equal to one centiliter?

0.1 deciliters per centiliter.

Which is bigger a liter or a centiliter?

The centi- prefix means one hundredth, so a centiliter is one hundredth of a liter. Thus a liter is bigger than a centiliter.

What is a centiliter?

A centiliter (cl) is one-hundredth of a liter, equal to 10 milliliters (ml).

How many kiloliters are in one centiliter?

one centiliter is one hundredth of a litler 100,000 centlitres in 1 kilolitre

How many millimeters in one centiliter?

A millimeter is a measure of distance and a centiliter is a measure of volume. The two are incomparable.

How many deciliters are in one centiliter?

1 centiliter = 0.1 deciliters

How much does one centiliter equals one liter?

ur face

What is an example of something that holds one centiliter?

a cow

One milliliter equals one tenth of what?

== == I think the answer is 'one centiliter."

Equals one cubic centimeter in volume?

One Centiliter. One gram of Water.

How many liters in a centiliter?

.001 liters in a centiliter .01

How many milliliter is in a centiliter?

10 milliliters per centiliter.

How many deciliters are in a centiliter?

0.1 deciliters per centiliter.

How many decaliters are in a centiliter?

0.001 decaliters per centiliter.

How many hectoliters are in a centiliter?

1 centiliter = 0.0001 hectoliters

Is a centiliter a great measure than a milliliter?

There Is No Such Thing As A Centiliter.

How many gallons in a centiliter?

1 centiliter is 0.00264 gallon.

What is hundredth of liter called?


One centiliter equals what?

1 centilitre = 0.01 litres.

What symbol if you have ten equals one centiliter?

deciliter dL

What is a sentence for the word centiliter?

A centilitre is one tenth of a litre.