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1/8% of $12 = $0.216

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Q: What is one eight percent of twelve dollars?
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Related questions

What is twelve percent from one hundred dollars?

Twelve cents. Which literally means 12 hundredths, in Latin.

What is twelve and half percent of one hundred thousand dollars?


What is forty percent of one hundred seventy dollars?

Sixty eight dollars

What is fifteen percent of eight thousand?

Is that a grammar question? Answer = twelve hundred (one thousand two hundred) (1200). Ten percent of eight thousand is eight hundred. Add half of that (four hundred) to get twelve hundred. Or multiply: .15 x 8000.

What is eight percent of one hundred and twenty dollars?

120$ x 0.08 = 9.6$

If twenty eight percent of a sum is one hundred dollars and eighty cents what is the sum?


How do you write 12.38 in word form?

one hundered two hudred and three and eight hundreths

How much is 12 grand in dollars in the us?

Twelve thousand dollars ($12,000.00). One 'grand' is 1,000 dollars.

What is two percent out of one hundred thousand dollars?

Two percent out of one hundred thousand dollars is two thousand dollars.

Add 12 percent tax to 190 dollars?

Just multiply 190 by 1.12 and you will have your answer. This is how I get the "1.12". The final amount will be 190 dollars PLUS twelve percent of 190 dollars. This can be expressed: 190 dollars (1 PLUS 12 percent). 190 ( 1 + .12). The 190 times 1 gives you, not surprisingly, the whole original 190 dollars. The 190 times .12 gives you the twelve percent. So 190 X 1.12 is a simple calculation that will give you the answer. We don't normally think that multiplying something by one could ever be the least bit useful, but it is useful. What mathematical property does this solution illustrate?

What is seventy-five one hundredths times twelve dollars?

9 dollars

What is one percent of five dollars?

One percent of five dollars is five cents.

What is twelve minus one third?


How do you write one thousand twelve dollars?


What is 4.13 in word form?

4.12 is four and twelve one hundredths; or four dollars and twelve cents.

What percent of a circle is one-twelve of a circle?


What Is One Hundred and Twelve Diveded By Eight?

it is 14

What is ten percent of three thousand one hundred thirty dollars?

Ten percent means its one tenth of 3130 which is 313 dollars.

What is one percent of two thousand dollars?

1.2'000 dollars

What is 1 percent of fifty million dollars?

One percent of $50,000,000 (fifty million dollars) is $500,000 (five hundred thousand dollars, or half a million dollars).

What is twelve and one half percent?

12.5% Answer 2 It is one-eighth. The above answer is also correct.

What is one percent of 10 billion dollars?

$100,000,000 or one hundred million dollars.

What is one-half of one percent of 1 billion dollars?

5 million dollars

What is 34 percent of one and one half billion dollars?

510 million dollars.

What ia one twelve of in a percent?

(1/12) = 8.333333....% ■