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Expressed as a percentage, 100000000/2000000000 x 100 = 5 percent.

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Q: What is one hundred million over two billion as a percentage?
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What is 7.6 million over 6.6 billion as a percentage?

Expressed as a percentage, 7600000/6600000000 x 100 = 0.115 recurring (that is, 0.115151515...) percent.

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298.63 (rounded) 298 whole times, with 230 million left over.

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What percentage is 350 million of 2 billion?

I calculated that it's 17.5% I divided 350million by 2billion and I got 7 over 40 Then.. I multiplied it by 100 to get the percentage :)

If you had 9 billion pounds sterling how much US currency would you have?

On Tuesday, October 09, 2007: 9 billion GBP = USD 18,294,727,563.90 (That's just over eighteen billion, two hundred ninety four million US dollars)

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50 Million PS3 150 Million PS2 70 Million PSP and 100 Million Playstations have been sold and the World Population is over 6 Billion and it is said it will hit 7 Billion sometime during 2011. A single percent of 7 Billion would be 70 million and that is how many have PSPs. twice that have PS2s, and about 5% own a form of the 370 million different forms of the PlayStation that have been sold.

How do you write one over one hundred billion in a negative exponent?

One over one hundred billion in a negative exponent would be 1 x 10-9

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In the U.S. more than a hundred million newspapers are printed daily. Worldwide, over a billion are printed every day.

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What is tenth of a million for 20099879?

A tenth of a million is a hundred thousand. As for 20,099,879 that is a bit over twenty million.

How do you convert a percentage in fraction?

You write the percentage over hundred, then see if you can simplify. Example: 35% = 35/100 = 7/20.You write the percentage over hundred, then see if you can simplify. Example: 35% = 35/100 = 7/20.You write the percentage over hundred, then see if you can simplify. Example: 35% = 35/100 = 7/20.You write the percentage over hundred, then see if you can simplify. Example: 35% = 35/100 = 7/20.

What is 2.2million in percentage?

In fact the answer is 200,200,000%. Because the number is over 1, and percentages are involved with decimals, so when it gets over one, the answer would be the same exact number just moved two decimal places over. (In this case Two-hundred million, two-hundred thousand percent)

How do scientists know that the sun is a million years old?

A million? The age is over 4 billion years.

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In 2009, Texas produced 2.0 billion square feet of structural panels, 1.4 billion board feet of lumber, and 2.0 million tons of pulp and paper products. The value of those products were over $19 billion.

What part of 100 million is 1 billion?

1 over 0.1

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Over 12 million!

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over 5 million

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___ ___ MCM (It is MCM with two lines over it, not necessarily as far a apart as above.)