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1/9 divided by 1/45 is 5.

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Q: What is one ninth divide by one forty fifth?
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What is a quarter fifth of forty?

One fifth of forty is eight. One quarter of eight is two.

Is one-fifth or one-ninth greater?


What is seven tenths plus one fifth?

One ninth

What is three fifth divide by one fifth?

It is 3.

What is one fifth of forty?

one fifth of 40 is the same as 40 divided by 5 which is 8.

What is nine tenths divide by one ninth?

81/10 or 8.1

Is one ninth bigger than one fifth?

No if you have one fifth you have more 1 out of 5 or 1 out of 9

What is a one fifth of 150 in maths?

If its a fifth you just divide by five, the answers 30.

If you divide pie by 5 what is the answer?

A fifth of a pie or a slice of a pie that is one fifth of the whole.

What is one fifth of forty five?

1/5 of 45 is nine.

What is the greatest number five sixth or one ninth or two fifth or one half?

one half is greadest

What is one fifth plus one ninth?

The sum of 1/5 and 1/9 is 14/45

One fifth of a number is nine. What is the number?

The number is forty-five (45).

What is forty divided by one fifth?

45 divided by 1/5 is 225.

What is one fifth divided by five?

One twenty-fifth. To divide by 5, you multiply the denominator by 5.

How do you write one fifth of a million?

Divide one million by five to solve: One-fifth of one million is two hundred thousand (200,000).

What is two ninths of forty five?

Two ninths of forty five is ten. One ninth of forty five is five, since 5 x 9 = 45. And two times 5 is 10.

How do you find one fifth of a number?

You divide the number by 5.

What is one-fifth of 150?

To find one fifth of a number divide the number into 5. 150 / 5 = 30.

What part of the American flag blue explain?

one fifth because if you divide it equally in fifth, i lookes well

What is one fifth of twenty?

Four. Divide 20 by 5 and you get 4.

How much liquid is one fifth cup?

divide one half cup by four

How many cups are in one fifth gallon?

there are 3.2 cups in one fifth of a gallon. There are 16 cups in a gallon. So you divide 16 by 5.

What is one ninth one ninth one ninth?


What is one fifth of 34.50?

To get 1/5 of a number, divide the number by 5.