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(1/2) divided by (1/2) = (1/2) x (2/1) = 2/2 = 1

Any number divided by itself is ' 1 '.

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Q: What is one over over two divide by one over two?
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6 over 12 in simplest form?

Divide the 6 by 6, and divide the 12 by 6, which gives 1/2 (one over two - which is one half).

How do you divide the word over into syllables?

Over has two syllables: o-ver.

What is the lowest terms of 72 over 84?

6 over 7. (divide by two, then by two, then by three)

Do centromeres divide at anaphase one or two?

They divide at Anaphase two. In Matephase one the spindle fibers attach to one spindle fiber.

How do you simplify 12 over 36?

Divide the two number by their highest common factor, which is 12. That gives 1 over 3 or one third.

What is 2 over 8 in decimal form?

To make things easier, you can divide both numbers with a common factor, in this case two. Two over eight, or two eighths, is the same as one over four, or one forth. One forth is the same as a quarter, which in decimal form is 0.25.

How do you explain a remainder in math?

The amount left over after you divide two number that don't divide perfectly.

What is the number if you divide by 5 and there are 3 left over divide by 4 there are 2 left over and divide by 3 then 1 left over?

There are infinitely many such numbers. 958 is one such.

What does simplest form of fraction mean?

Imagine 12 kids, and four of them have books. You can write that 4 over 12. You can divide both four and twelve by two: 2 over 6. You can divide both two and six by two: 1 over 3. So one third is the simplest way to say what proportion of the kids have books.

Is 6 over 14 in lowest terms?

No, you can divide both of them by two.

Can 14 over 40 be simplified?

Divide each number by two.

How do you simplify 24 over 50?

divide it by two and ypu should get 12 over 50

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