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the answer my friend is blowing in the wind

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Q: What is one sixth of one fourth equal?
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What does one and one fourth plus three and five sixth equal?

5 1/12

What does two fourth equal?

One half, four eighths, three sixth, etc.

Is one sixth greater than or less than one fourth?

one sixth will be lesser than one fourth

In numbers what does one sixth equal to?

one sixth equal to

What is one-sixth times one- fourth?

It is one twenty fourth.

What does one sixth to the third equal?

one sixth

Is one sixth equal to one sixth?


Is fourth twelfths equal to sixth eighteenths?

Yes, (4/12) and (6/18) are equal.

Is there going tobe a sixth Pirates of the Caribbean?

There hasn't been a fourth or fifth yet. The fourth one is in production. A sixth one is unlikely.

What is one fourth equal to?

One Fourth is equal to two eighths.

Does one fourth equal one whole?

One fourth is the same as one quarter. The whole is divided into four equal parts, and one of those equal parts is one fourth.

Is one sixth equal to three sixth?

no! >:-\

What is One fourth plus one fourth plus one fourth equal to?

three fourths

What fraction equal to one fourth?

There are an infinite number of fractions that equal one-fourth.

Is one sixth bigger than one fourth?


What is One fourth of one sixth?

1 over 20

What is one fourth plus one sixth?


What is one sixth minus one fourth?


What is 1 and 1 sixth plus 3 and 3 fourth equal?


Which is bigger one fourth or three sixth?

three sixth is .5 where one forth is .25 so three sixth is twice as large as one forth.

What is one-fourth of 1?

One fourth of 1 is equal to precisely one fourth.

How many sixth in a fourth?

one and a half(1.5)

Is one sixth greater then 1 fourth?


How do you divide one fourth by sixth eights?


How many meters are in a fourth of a meter?

One fourth is equal to 0.25. Therefore, one fourth of a metre is equal to 0.25 metres.

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