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Q: What is one sixth times three fifths?
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What is one sixth times 1 and three fifths?

Did you mean "What is one sixth times 1 and three fifths?", then it is (1/6) x (1 and 3/5) = (1/6) x (8/5) = 8/30 = 4/15

What is three-fifths of one-sixth?


What fractions are between one sixth and three fifth?

There are infinitely many fractions between one sixth and three fifths.

One sixth times four fifths?


What is three fifths of one sixth?


What is 4 times 2 fifths?

One and three fifths.

What is five ninths times three fifths?

Five ninths times three fifths is one third.

What does three fifths plus one sixth equal?

The sum is 23/30

What is five sixth of one and three fifths?

It is: 5/6 times 8/5 = 4/3 or 1 and 1/3

What is 19 times one-sixth?

Three and one-sixth.

What is three and one sixth times two and two fifths?

19/6 x 12/5 = 228/30 = 38/5

Which fraction is larger one sixth or two fifths?

Two fifths is 140% more than one sixth.

What is the least common denominator of three fifths and two fifteenths and one sixth?

the least common denominator of three fifths and two fifteenths and one sixth is 30. you multiply 15 by two, 6 by five, and 3 by ten.

Two fifths divided by one sixth?

one and two fifths :P

What is five times one and three fifths?


Put these in order from least to greatest One sixth Two fifths and One third?

Answer: Two fifths, one sixth, and then one third.

What is three fifths times one fourth?


What is one sixth of three fifths?

(1/6)*(3/5) = 3/30 => 1/10

What is Three fifths plus one sixth?

3/5 plus 1/6 = 23/30

What is four fifths plus one sixth?

Four fifths plus one sixth I believe equals twenty-nine over 30

What is one and three fifths times three and one half?

8/5 x 7/2 = 56/10 = 5.6 or five and three fifths

What is the common denominator for one sixth two fifths three sevenths and three fifths?

Same as finding the LCM of 6, 5, 7: 2*3*5*7 = 210

What is four fifths times one and one sixth?

4/5 x 1 1/6 is 14/15

What is two fifths times one fourth?

Two-fifths times one-fourth is two-twentieths or one-tenth, in simplified form.

What is one sixth times two fifths?

1/6 * 2/5 = 2/30 = 1/15