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There are infinitely many fractions between one sixth and three fifths.

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Q: What fractions are between one sixth and three fifth?
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Related questions

What is bigger three sixth or two fifth?

two fifth

Is three sixth bigger than two fifth?


What is one sixth plus three fifth?


What is three fifth plus one sixth equal?


What two fractions make three fifths?

1 fifth and 2 fifths

What three fractions are equivalent to one sixth?

2/12, 3/18, 4/24

What are two other fractions that are the same percent of a circle as three sixth of a circle?


What are adding three fractions that add up to one fifth?

1/15 + 1/15 + 1/15

WHAT ARE three different simplified fractions that have different denominators and that add up to 1?

one half, one third, and one sixth

What are three fractions for one fifth?

3/15 17/85 792/3960

What is the least to greatest fractions one half or three fifth or one fourth?

From least to greatest: one fourth, one half, and three fifths. I hope this helped!

How many fractions are between three-fourths and one-half?

Whatever two fractions you name, no matter how close together they are, I can always name another fraction between them. In fact, there are an infinite number of fractions between any two fractions, no matter how close together they are. That goes for three-fourths and one-half.

Which fraction is between three fifths and three fourths?

There are infinitely many fractions between the two. Seven tenths is one example.

What are types of fraction?

There are three types of fractions that are used in mathematics. The three types of fractions are, mixed fractions, proper fractions, and improper fractions.

What is the answer to three and one sixth plus seven and one fifth?

Answer is ten and eleven thirtieths. Found by making the denominators the same at thirty and then adding.

What are the three types of fractions?

The three types of fractions are mixed, improper, and proper fractions.

What number is between 2 and 3?

There are no integers (or whole numbers) between two and three, only fractions.

What is the common denominator of three fourths and one fifth?

The common denominator of three fourths and one fifth is twenty. The fractions including the common denominator can look like this: 3/4 to 15/20 and 1/5 to 4/20. Hope this helps!! ^^

What is to equivalent fractions for three sixth?

Type your answer here... six twelfths and 12 24ths 24ths 48ths 46248446-fdad-4f86-95c4-35bf76cde986 1.03.01

What is three sixths minus two sixths?

well three-sixth-two-sixth is one-sixth

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Oliver Wood in the first three books. There is no tournament in the fourth book. Angelina Johnston in the fifth book and Harry Potter in the sixth.

What is an eight letter word where the first three letters are repeated in the same sequence as the fourth fifth and sixth letters?

(1) TARTARIC (as in tartaric acid) (2) BARBARIC

What is the least common multiple of three fourths and one sixth?

The LCM applies to whole numbers, not fractions. If you're trying to find the least common denominator, it's 12.

Which is bigger one fourth or three sixth?

three sixth is .5 where one forth is .25 so three sixth is twice as large as one forth.

Is there any differences between one third of three fourths and three fourths of one third?

No, it is the same result. The word "of", in problems with fractions, can be replaced by a multiplication sign, and multiplication of any real numbers (including fractions) is commutative.