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It is: 1/6 of 108 = 18

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Q: What is one sixths times 108?
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How many sixths are there in 18?

There are 108 sixths in 18. (There are six sixths in 1, so the number in 18 is 18 times as much. 6 x 18 = 108.)

What is two times one sixths?

two-sixths or one-thirds in simplest form

What is five sixths times two and one half?

Five sixths multiplied by two and one half is about 2.083.

What is one eighth times five sixths times four fifths?


What is one ninth times five sixths?


What is one sixths times two thirds?

the answer is 1/9

What is 54 times one sixths?

It is: 54 times 1/6 = 9

What is three and five sixths times one fourth?


What is three fourths times one third times five sixths?

Five twenty-fourths

What equals 108 in multiplicaution?

Try 9 times 12 = 108 as one example

What is four and one third times one and one half?

six and three sixths or six and one half

How many sixths are in 3 halves?

There are nine sixths because one whole equals six sixths and one half equals three sixths. So, six sixths plus three sixths equals nine sixths! Hope I helped!

How does one half plus one third equal five sixths?

One half is three sixths and one-third is two sixths. 3+2=5

What is five sixths - two sixths?

three sixths, or one half

what times 6 is 108?

18 times 6 is 108. Use division to get the answer: 108 divided by 6 is 18.

Oneand one sixth minus five sixth?

Oneand one sixth is six sixths (one in total) plus one sixth - or seven sixths. So seven sixths minus 5 sixths is 2 sixths which can also be expressed as one third.

Is four ninths greater or lesser than two sixths?

Four ninths is greater than two sixths, bear with me while I say why:One ninth is about 11.11%, and one sixths is about 16.66%. Got that?11.11% (1/9) times 4 = 44.4%, which is four ninths.16.66% (1/6) times 2 = 33.3%, which is 2 sixths.44.4% is greater than 33.3%.Therefore four ninths is greater than two sixths.

Is one sixth less than one third?

Yes. One sixth is one half of one third to be exact. Two-sixths are equal to one-third, three-sixths is a half, four-sixths is two-thirds, five-sixths is exactly what it is, and six-sixths is a whole.

what is 9 times what is 108?


How much is one sixths times 3?

1/6 * 3 = 1/2

How many one sixths make 2?

twelve (two times six)

What is three sixths plus one sixths equals?

4 sixths, or two thirds.

What times table equals 108?

12x9 is one of them

What is five sixths divided by one sixths?


What is 108 times 8?

108 times 8 is 861