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Q: What is one way a diploid organism could have a offspring that are 3n or 4n?
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Is is an organism or cell with two sets of chromosomes?

I think you are referring to a diploid organism: one that has two of each chromosome.

What is an organism that carries two different alleles for one trait?

In one sense it is called a Diploid Organism.

Why reductional division or meiosis essential in organism?

Meiosis reduces number of chromosomes to one half . when two gametes fuse , it restores original diploid number of chromosomes .With out this diploid number of chromosomes could not be maintained .

What one is diploid and which one is haploid?

Diploid is an organism/cell having normally two copies of each DNA molecule (i.e. chromosome). Haploid is the one having one copy. Therefore, humans are diploid organisms but bacteria are haploid

Are human body gamete cells haploid or diploid?

From a text book.. diploid cell- In an organism that reproduses sexually, a cell containing two homologous sets of chromosomes, one set of inherited from each parent; a 2n cell haploid cell- In the life cycle of an organism that reproduces sexually, a cell containing a single set of chromosomes; an n cell ...diploid?

Why do diploid cells undergo meiosis?

Meiosis is needed to produce healthy offspring with a diploid chromosome set. Therefore, the diploid set from the mother as well as that one of the father needs to be reduced in half. So these reduced cells with haploid chromosome sets can merge and produce one diploid set. Without that reduction, two diploid sets would merge and the offspring would have a tetraploid set (=4 different allels for one gene). Maybe that's not that fatal. But just think furhter. If two of such children would reproduce, the outcome would be offspring with a octaploid set (= 8 copies for the same gene)!

How are asexual produced offspring different from sexually produced offspring?

The difference is with an asexually produced organism, the organism is created using only one parent. With a sexually produced organism, the organism is produced using two parents

How many copies of each cell are in cells?

2 one from the mother and one from the father assuming that it is of a diploid organism also if there is no genetic disease such as downs syndrome that could cause multiple copies of genes

Why are only inherited traits not acquired one necessary for the process of natural selection?

Because the offspring of an organism with a desirable inherited trait is more likely to survive than the offspring of an organism with a desirable acquired trait (because the offspring of an organism with a desirable acquired trait will not have its parent's desirable trait).

An organism that reproduces sexually has a diploid number of 40 How many chromosomes will a gamete of this organism have?


An organism has a haploid number of 20. What is the organism's diploid number?

16 (haploid number = n, and diploid number =2n) so if n=8, the diploid number is 2x8 = 16

What are the differences in genetic mapping between haploid and diploid organisms?

As simply as possibly, the difference in genetic mapping between haploid and diplois organisms are the genes. The haploid organism has only one allele which is either dominant or recessive, while the diploid organism has two alleles of which one is dominant and the other recessive.