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Divide a circle into four equal parts.

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Q: What is one way to make a quadrant?
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What is a quadrant 1?

Quadrant one is the upper right quadrant, or where both X and Y are positive.

What is one of the four regions of the coordinate plane determined by the x axis and the y axis?

there is quadrant 1 , quadrant 2 , quadrant 3 , and quadrant 4

What fraction of a circle is a quadrant?

25% or 1/4, this is because it is a quadrant. Meaning a "quad" as in 4 therefore one quadrant is 1/4.

Where is quadrant one on the x and y axis?

Quadrant one on an x and y graph is in the upper right hand quarter.

What is the sign of the cordinates each quadrant?

Quadrant I : (+, +) Quadrant II : (-, +) Quadrant III : (-, -) Quadrant IV : (+, -)

What quadrent has 3.3 in it?

quadrant one has two positive numbers. quadrant two has neg. x numbers and positive y numbers quadrant three has two negative numbers quadrant fout has pos. x numbers and negative y numbers. 3.3 is only one value. you need two number to find the quadrant. 3.3 lies on the x-axis and doesnt lie in a quadrant. therefore you answer is no quadrant.

What are the measure of the angles in quadrant 1?

The angles in quadrant one measure between 0 degrees and 90 degrees. In radians, that's between 0 and pi/2. Quadrant one is the quadrant where both X and Y (or cosine theta and sine theta) are positive.

One fourth of a coordinate plane?

it a quadrant

Does one semicircle equal two quadrant?


What is meant by the term quadrant?

The term quadrant means different things in different subjects. For example, in math a quadrant is known as one of the four sections of a coordinate plane.

What is incisors wisdom teeth?

Incisors (two in each quadrant) and canines (one in each quadrant) are the front teeth.

What is a quadrant in math terms?

The quadrant is the one of the four quaters of a circle. It is the math term for a 1/4 of a circle.

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