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Output distance is.

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Q: What is output work divided by output force?
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Compares the input force with the output force?

Mechanical Advantage which is the output force divided by the input force.

What is the difference between actual and ideal mechanical advantage?

the equation of mechanical advantage isFout (force, output)divided byFin (force input)the equation for Ideal mechanical advantage isDin (distance, input)divided byDout (distance, output)hope this helps a bit

Difference between force output and Work Output?

force output x distance = work output ~same for input

What is Output force divided by input force?

mecanical advantage

What is equal to the output force divided by the input force?

mechanical advantage

Which is defined as output force divided by input force?

Mechanical advantage.

What is the output force divided by input force called?

Mechanical Advantage

What means work output divided by work input?

input force x input distance > output force x output distance -Novanet

Force output divided by force input is the what of the machine?

That's the machine's "Mechanical Advantage".

The work output of a machine divided by the work input is the?


If force is work divided by distance then distance is force divided by work?

I usually start with the definition of work: Work = force * distance so... Force = work / distance Distance = work / force So, no. You had it backwards.

What is the mechanical advantage of a machine that requires n of input force to produce 15 n of output force?

The mechanical advantage is the ratio of the output force to the input force. MA = output/input (output force divided by the input force) For the example, 15N/30N gives the MA as 0.5 (one half).