What is pi in the nearest 0 decimal place?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: What is pi in the nearest 0 decimal place?
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What is the 33rd digit in the number pi?

Pi to 33 decimal places = 3.141592653589793238462643383279502 So, the number 0 is the 33rd digit (of you count the 3 before the decimal place) But, if you count after the decimal place, then it is the number 2.

What is the 32nd decimal place of the number pi?

The thirty-second digit of pi following the decimal point is a 0. If you include the 3 at the front, the thirty-second digit of pi is 5.

What is 0.095 to the nearest decimal place?

To which decimal place? Closest Integer: 0 Closest Tenth: .1 Closest Hundreth: .10

How do you round 3.0032 to the nearest tenth?

nearest tenth is first place after the decimal. Look to the second place after the decimal; if it is less than 5 you keep the original first place after the decimal; if grater than 5, you round up by adding 1 to the irst place after the decimal; in your case since the second place after decimal is 0 then the nearest tenth is 3.0

What is 0.46 rounded to the nearest hundred?


What is the decimal 1.724 to the nearest hundred?

1.724 to the nearest hundred is 0.

what is 3.14159 (pi) rounded to its nearest ten?


What is 33573 rounded to the nearest hundredth?


How do you round 7.7 to the nearest decimal place?

To round a number, the decimal place that you want to round to, needs to be specified. If you want to round to the tenths place or to 1 decimal place, then this number is already there: 7.7 is seven and seven tenths. If you want to round it to zero decimal places, or to the nearest whole number, then look at the tenths place and if it is 0-4 you round down to 7, if it is 5-9 (which it is) you round up to 8.

What is 15.072 rounded two decimal places?

Do you know what a decimal place is? You need to know the theory first. The decimal point is represented by a full stop between 5 and 0 in this number. Rounding is the practise of simplifying numbers to their nearest common number (specified in the question, to the nearest 10/100 etc...). In this example the second decimal place is the 7, you need to simplify to this point by rounding its neighbours to the right to their nearest 10... I.E. the 2 rounds to 0. <5 rounds to 0, > or equal to 5 rounds to 10. Your answer is 15.07.

What is the decimal 18.692 rounded to the nearest hundreds?


What is 469.5302013 rounded to the nearest hundredth?