What is positive effect of cinema on youth?

Updated: 8/19/2019
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good influence of movies on young people

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Q: What is positive effect of cinema on youth?
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Essay about effect of cinema on youth?

A good essay topic about the effect of cinema on the youth would be to address violence in cinema. Another topic could be about mature themes and cinema ratings.

Effect of cinema on youth?

youth want to copy their hero/heroine and land up in trouble

Positive effect of playing online games to the youth?

makes them relax when stress

As regards the effect of cinema on youth is it good or bad and how would that be explained?

Violent films are a real problem for youth today. They become desensitized to brutality and believe it to be normal behavior.

How do you reduce effect of media on youth?

There are various ways to reduce the effect of media on youth. Giving them total blackout will not work. However you can find positive media that will dilute the effects of negative media.

Effect of cinema on children?

the cinema has relies an good and bad effect on children.

What is the effect of movies on youth?

Movies can have a positive effect on youth, and a negative effect on youth. The effect movies have depend on the content of the movie. Movies with positive moral stories can influence youth to display good morals. Movies with violence can encourage the display of aggression in youth.

What is kaepa borderline?

Kaepa Borderline is a junior volleyball club offering a competitive program that aims to promote personal and athletic development in the youth. Its goal is to create a positive effect on the youth through competitive volleyball.

What is the effect of misleading advertisements on youth?

effects of misleading advertisments on youth

Positive and negative aspects of Hindi cinema?

yes it makes bad effect on children and in films people do make corruption in the films so bad films and use abusive languages n in dis it makes a bad effect on the children

Positive and negative aspects of parallel cinema or art movies?


What actors and actresses appeared in YOUth Effect - 2014?

The cast of YOUth Effect - 2014 includes: Kelly Lovell as Herself - Host