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positive 5 minus positive 11 = negative 6

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Q: What is positive five minus positive eleven?
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What is five minus eleven?

Five minus eleven is negative six, or 5-11=-6.

What is sixteen minus five?


What is twenty five minus eleven?


What is negative eleven minus positive nine equal?


What is negative eleven minus negative five?


What is positive five minus 2 plus three?

Positive five minus 2 plus three is equal to six.

What is positive five minus positive two?


What does negative seven minus negative eleven equal?

positive four

What is five three eighths minus three fourths?

eleven twentyfourths

What is eleven fifteenths minus two fifths?

Two fifths is six fifteenths. Eleven fifteenths minus six fifteenths is five fifteenths, which is also one third.

Eleven fifteen minus seventy five minutes?

10 o clock

What does positive five minus seven equal?


What is positive five minus -1?


What is five and three sixths minus four and four sixths?

seventy-eleven and a half

What is minus minus positive?

A minus by a minus by a positive gives a positive.

What is positive five minus negative seven equal?


What is eleven and two ninths minus four and five ninths?

Firstly, do 11 minus 4 = 7. So, now we have 7 and two ninths, minus five ninths. Much easier, 6 and 6 ninths.

What is negative five minus positive four?

-5 - 4 = -9

What does positive 3 minus negative 2 equal negative five?


Which is bigger minus 1 or minus 11?

Minus one (also known as negative one) is larger than minus eleven (also known as negative eleven).

Why is minus plus minus equal to a positive number?

A minus plus a minus is not necessarily positive. A minus multiplied by a minus is. The reason being that the minus of a minus is a positive. It's a double negative.

What is four fifths minus one quarter?

We convert into like terms giving sixteen twentieths minus five twentieths, giving eleven twentieths.

What is eleven sixths minus seven sixths?

Eleven of anything minus seven of the same thing leaves four of them.

Why does a positive minus a negative equal a positive?

Because "minus a negative" is tha same as "plus a positive". So, a positive minus a negative is a positive plus a positive which is a positive.

Is it eleven-o-five or eleven-oh-five?

Five is the complementary color to eleven.