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Q: What is probative value. Which has more probative value or individual or class evidence?
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Individual evidence has more probative value than class evidence?

The difference is that I only work on math

What is probative value?

the tendency of a given item of evidence to prove or disprove one of the legal elements of the case

An indictment has significant probative value?

Prosecutors can use indictment to show that the accusation and the probative value of evidences are significant or to use indictment to get a plea bargain. Significance of an indictment is only as significant of the alleged crime, the existence of evidence with probative value, and the sentence being sought. Whether the charge leads to a trial depends on the outcome of Preliminary Hearing. The prosecutor has to prove during the "preliminary hearing" that 1) there is enough evidence with probative value to convict the accused; and 2) it would be in the public's interest to conduct the trial and convict the accused. If a charge is brought on through indictment, the accused is entitled for a trial by jury. In Canada minor insignificant accusations can also be charged through indictment. In insignificant cases the value of indictment would probably be in the plea bargain as it does not make sense to try an insignificant case in a trial by jury.

What does the word evidence mean?

Evidence refers to matters which tend to prove an alleged fact. It is often put forward to establish a fact in an inquiry into the past, whether historical, academic or forensic. Evidence generally falls into three categories: eyewitness testimony, documentary evidence, and physical evidence. Eyewitness testimony is someone's account of what they have seen or heard. Documentary evidence consists of letters, official records, and the like. Physical evidence is the kind of evidence found by Sherlock Holmes or CSI: objects which are associated with the inquiry.Evidence can be considered weak or strong generally on two bases: reliability and probative value. Reliability means the likelihood that the evidence itself has been faked or is otherwise inaccurate, while probative value means how strong the connection between the evidence and the fact it is meant to prove. Eyewitness evidence generally has good probative value (depending on what exactly is being said) but dubious reliability. Physical evidence is very reliable, but its probative value is often questionable.So, in an inquiry into a workplace accident, a statement by one worker that he saw the injured worker acting contrary to the safety rules is eyewitness testimony, the record of when the worker signed in for his shift is documentary, and the machine which malfunctioned is physical evidence.Often people mistake argument for evidence. "He couldn't have caused the accident because he has been an employee for 10 years and never had an accident before" is an argument, not evidence.

Which fiber has tha more probative value a polyester or an acrylic fiber?

Polyester does

Who determines the significance of physical evidence in trial?

The judge is responsible for determining the significance of physical evidence in a trial. They assess whether the evidence is relevant, reliable, and admissible. The judge considers arguments from both parties, weighs the probative value of the evidence against its prejudicial effect, and ultimately decides if the evidence can be presented to the jury and how much weight it should be given.

What is class interval?

The class interval is the maximum possible value in the class less the maximum possible value in the class below. The second is equivalent to the minimum possible value in the class.

Does a large value for an F-ratio indicate that the null hypothesis is wrong?

I'm not really sure what the F-ratio is, but we just finished null and alternative ratios in our AP stats class. In our class, we calculuated a p-value, and if that value is smaller than the alpha-value (significance level) you have enough evidence to reject the null hypothesis. Sorry if this doesn't help.

How do you solve the class interval?

Highest Value - Lowest Value = total / no. of desired class

What are class frequencies?

THey are the number of observations whose value fall within the class boundaries.THey are the number of observations whose value fall within the class boundaries.THey are the number of observations whose value fall within the class boundaries.THey are the number of observations whose value fall within the class boundaries.

What method gets a value from a class s field but does not change it?

An accessor method can be used to get a value from a class without changing the value.

What is the W Value for class B?

W value is the Network Bit i.e, 128-191 for Class B or 192-223 for Class C or 1-126 for Class A