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human are pruduct of God. life controls respiration and give strenght to reproduction. before an egg is fertilized it has been with life to fullfiled the power of creation.

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Q: What is product of humans?
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How do humans re-product?

By sexual reproduction.

What is the excretory product in humans?

poo and pee

What is the primary nitrogenous end product of humans?


Why is the product of photosynthesis important to humans?

Photosynthesis is important for humans because it provides oxygen for us.

What product of the light dependent reactions is used by humans?


What product of photosynthesis leaves the plant and is necessary to humans?

Oxygen is an end product of photosynthesis, along with glucose/starch, and is needed for humans and other living things, besides plants.

What product do plants produce during photosynthesis that is used by humans and other animals?

The product plants produce during photosynthesis is oxygen. This is of course widely used by animals and humans.

Is urine the only waste product that humans excrete?

No, urine is not the only waste product that humans excrete. Humans also excrete waste solids as fecal matter, and waste gas - primarily carbon dioxide and water vapor.

Does Revolution for cats also work on humans?

"No, Revolution for cats is not appropriate to apply on humans. Humans and cats have very different skin, and it may in fact harm a person who attempts to use this product. Humans should never use any product designed specifically for animals."

Why animal testing should be banned?

because it will help humans determine wheather or not a product can be used or noton humans.

How do animals help humans to make their medicine?

Animals help Humans make there medicine by two things, testing the product and the chemicals in an animals body sometimes help the product function better. We sometimes use the animals to test the product to.

What is the end product of proteins in the digestive system in humans?

i think the digestive end product for a protein would be simple sugars.

Who is general electrics target market?

Usually people, but it differs from product to product. It seems that when you sell things for humans they will buy it.

Who is general electric target market?

Usually people, but it differs from product to product. It seems that when you sell things for humans they will buy it.

What product do humans produce during respiration that are used by plants?

carbon dioxide

What product of cellular respiration enables humans to perform life activities?


Why do all humans eat animails?

Humans are omnivores and are designed by nature to be able to eat both vegetable matter and meat product.

Is breast milk a dairy product?

No, because it is produced by humans for their young. A dairy product would be something produced on a dairy farm for sale.

What waste product is produced during photosynthesis that humans use daily?

That would be air.

Do red dragon tablets contain animal product?

not really its a ind food for humans.

Why is cooking salt designed to dissolve?

It is not designed by humans, it is a natural product having this characteristic.

What is the waste product given off during respiration?

Carbon Dioxide in humans and Oxygen in plants

How are robotic arms used in industry?

To assemble parts of a product quicker and cheaper than humans can do it.

What do Humans eat in Central African Republic?

They eat cereals, roots and tubers, and animal product.

How does animal testing harm humans?

People could still have reactions to the product that was tested on animals!!! People could still have reactions to the product that was tested on animals!!!