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Prolonged QT syndrome, also known as long QT syndrome (LQTS), refers to a group of disorders that increase the risk for sudden death due to an abnormal heartbeat.

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Q: What is prolonged QT syndrome?
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What is prolonged qt?

Prolonged QT means that the time between the Q and T waves in an ECG is longer than normal. It can indicate high risk of sudden cardiac death.

Which condition is a result of prolonged repetitive movements?

carpel tunnel syndrome

What is caused by prolonged exposure to high levels of cortisol?

Cushing Syndrome

Which condition is caused by prolonged exposure to high levels of cortisol?

Cushing's Syndrome

What is a condition caused by prolonged exposure to high levels of cortisol?

Cushing's Syndrome

The general adaptation syndrome describes stages in the?

Body's response to prolonged stress.

Condition caused by prolonged exposure to high levels of cortisol?

cushing's syndrome

Is caused by prolonged exposure to high levels of cortisol known as?

Cushing's syndrome

What does 'Heart' UQT mean?

As far as the heart goes, this QT is part of the EKG and the QT is a section of the EKG. A prolonged QT interval is a risk factor for ventricular tachyarrhythmias and sudden death. In military usage UQT means: Unit Qualification Training.

Does methadone have a bad reaction with benzodiazepines?

methadone when combined with benzodiazepines can cause a syndrome called QT-prolongation. this syndrome can cause fatal heart arrhythmias.

What is the medical term meaning the result of prolonged exposure to high levels of cortisol?

Cushing's syndrome.

How is QT syndrome determined?

The QT of LQTS refers to an interval between two points (Q and T) on the common electrocardiogram (ECG, EKG) used to record the electrical activity of the heart.

What is Cushing's Disease or Cushing's Syndrome?

Cushing's Syndrome is when the body goes through prolonged exposure to the hormone cortisol in high levels. Cushing's Disease involves a tumour on the pituitary gland.

What are the symptoms of Long QT Syndrome?

Long QT Syndrome is a condition which affects the heart and can cause fainting, heart palpitations, and death in some cases. This condition rarely shows symptoms, and is diagnosed by the results of an ECG. Some persons may experience increased fainting spells, and occurrences of seizures upon diagnosis.

Why does hypocalcemia prolong the QT interval If calcium influx is compromised by hypocalcemia how is the isoelectric plateau phase maintained much less prolonged as manifested by the ECG?

more potassium

Can crocheting cause carpal tunnel syndrome?

Yes, any prolonged strenuous activity on the hands can cause carpal tunnel, such as typing.

What can put a woman at greater risk for toxic shock syndrome TSS?

Chances of toxic shock syndrome can be increased by using vaginal devices such as diaphragms, super-absorbent tampons, or prolonged use of a single tampon.

What does Cushing syndrome refer to?

In this disease, prolonged exposure to abnormal levels of the hormone cortisol results in the collection of symptoms that Harvey Cushing described.

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