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Q: What is protection against material loss?
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What does idemnity mean?

Indemnity is protection against a financial loss. An example would be when a person purchases an insurance policy to protect themselves from large financial losses due to sickness, accidents, or loss of material property.

Is the purpose for life insurance to provide protection against financial loses?

Life insurance policy covers protection against loss of lives only and not against any financial losses incurred whatsoever.

What provides the best protection against gamma rays?

Several feet of concrete or a few inches of leadLead is a good material against gamma rays.

What is indminity?

An indemnity is compensation given to a party to compensate for loss or injury or another contingent liability. This is often done as protection against legal action from the party suffering the loss.

Will card services provide protection from scams?

Most credit card companies offer their own protection against theft and loss. However there are also a lot of companies out there that offer tips tools and additional protection if you feel you need it.

What was Saint Maximinus of Trier patron saint of?

He is the patron saint of Trier and invoked as protection against perjury, loss at sea and destructive rains.

What is wet risk in insurance?

An insurance policy is a protection against a possible loss. Wet risk in insurance terms is anything from water damage.

What is the Objective of consumer protection act?

Consumer protection is essential for a healthy economy. We need Consumer Protection Act for the following:- Physical protection of the consumer. Protection against deceptive and unfair trade practices. Protection against all types of pollution. Protection against the abuse of monopoly position and/or restrictive trade practices. Protection of enjoying the rights.

What can fuses not provide protection against?

Fuses provide protection against over current (e.g. in case of circuit fault or short circuit), but do not provide protection against over voltage.

What do you mean by protection?

protection means saving the equipment or material or personnel from damge.

What does data protection mean?

Data protection means that your files and folders will be protected against loss by using data protection software. Data protection also means that companies which gather personally identifiable information must protect that information and must let the person know how they will use that personally identifiable information.

What does your epidermis do?

The epidermis is the outermost layer of the skin, composed of terminally differentiated stratified squamous epithelium, acting as the body's major barrier against an inhospitable environment. It is the thinnest on the eyelids at .05 mm and the thickest on the palms and soles at 1.5 mm. There are several functions of the epidermis:1) Protection against abrasion2) Protection from the sun's radiation3) First line of immune system defense4) Protection from water loss5) Protection from heat loss6) Covers the body; interface with the outside7) Sensory perception

What kind of protection do environmental insurance plans provide?

Environmental insurance protects (mainly) businesses against loss from breaking environmental regulations or causing environmental damage.

What material gives the best protection for a camera bag?

The material that gives the best protection for a camera bag is one that incorporates foam and is treated to be water resistant.

What is a method of protection from hazardous airborne material?

Enclosure Local Exhaust Ventilation Respiratory Protection

What materials are used in cheap cell phone covers?

A material which is used in a cheap cell phone cover would include plastic. This basic material will prove some protection against dropping your phone on concrete and will reduce impact.

For an insulating material dielectric strength and dielectric loss should be respectively?

For an insulating material dielectric strength and dielectric loss should be respectively

How do you spell incserincs?

The word may be the adjective "insincere" (not honest or truthful), or insurance (protection against loss or failure).Phonetically, it resembles the plural noun instincts(reflexive actions).

Which material is used for x ray protection?


Can you file for protection against a company?

What type of protection are you looking for? If you are trying to keep from paying a debt, there is bankruptcy protection.

How do you spell ensured?

The past tense of the verb to ensure (to make certain) is ensured(e.g. We ensured that no one would follow us).The similarly pronounced word insured means having acquired insurance, which is protection against loss, or remuneration for a loss.

What is deletion in mutation?

The loss of genetic material.

What vitamin is responsible for the protection of hair loss?

Vitamin E

What are the functions of the eggshell membrane?

Protection and avoiding water loss.

You have gone with a debt settlement service In NC what protection do you have against a judgment?

None. Only bankruptcy provides protection against lawsuits and judgments.