What is quantile group?

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a group of equal proportions - the definition of quantile is one of a class of values of a variate that divides the total frequency of a sample or population into a given number of equal proportions

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Q: What is quantile group?
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Is the 80th percentile the same as the 0.2th quantile?

No. No. No. No.

One of the values of a variable which divides the distribution of the variable?

A quantile.

Can the lower and upper quartiles be equal?

Yes. Usually the value of the lower quantile, median, and upper quantile are in ascending order, how if for the particular set of data, if all values are the same, then these three measures can be the same.

What has the author Victor Chernozhukov written?

Victor Chernozhukov has written: 'Quantile regression with censoring and endogeneity' 'An IV model of quantile treatment effects' -- subject(s): Accessible book 'Rearranging Edgeworth-Cornish-Fisher expansions' 'L1-Penalized Quantile Regression in High Dimensional Sparse Models' -- subject(s): Regression analysis 'Instrumental variable quantile regression' -- subject(s): Accessible book 'Extremal quantities and value-at-risk' -- subject(s): Accessible book 'Estimation and confidence regions for parameter sets in econometric models' -- subject(s): Accessible book

What is quantile regression?

Quantile regression is considered a natural extension of ordinary least squares. Instead of estimating the mean of the regressand for a given set of regressors, and instead of minimizing sum of squares, it estimates different values of the regressand across its distribution, and minimizes instead the absolute distances between observations.

What has the author Yong-u Sok written?

Yong-u Sok has written: 'A study of alternative quantile estimation methods in newsboy-type problems'

What has the author Lingxin Hao written?

Lingxin Hao has written: 'Quantile regression' -- subject(s): Statistical methods, Regression analysis, Social sciences

What is the interquartile range a measure of?

The interquartile range is well known as a measure of statistical dispersion. It is equal to difference between upper and lower quartiles. The quartiles is a type of quantile.

Which group is the group of death?

Which group is the group of death of soccer

What does the word 'sextile' mean?

–adjective 1. Astronomy. noting or pertaining to the aspect or position of two heavenly bodies when 60° distant from each other. –noun 2. Astronomy. a sextile position or aspect. 3. Astrology. a sextile position or aspect, conducive to mental stimulation. 4. Statistics. a quantile for the special case of six equal proportions. from

What dose array mean?

a group a group a group a group and a big fat group and last but not least a groupA Group

What is a subordinate group?

1) A distinct group within a group; a subdivision of a group. 2) A subgroup. 3) Mathematics. A group that is a subset of a group.