What is rigid motion?

Updated: 12/15/2022
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Q: What is rigid motion?
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Is not a rigid motion transformation?

dilation (APEX)

Does not describe a rigid motion transformation?


What is rigid motion in geometry?

Movement of a shape can involve flexing - for example, a square frame being flexed into a rhombus. Rigid motion excludes such motion: the shape of the moving object does not change.

Difference between rigid body and particle?

The key difference between a particle and a rigid body is that a particle can undergo only translational motion whereas a rigid body can undergo both translational and rotational motion

What transformation preserves the shape and size?

Rigid motion

What is a rigid link?

A rigid link is: a joint between Structural members which does not permit relative motion between them.

What are examples of rigid bodies that exhibit translational motion rotational motion and combination of both?


What is Newton's law for rigid rotation?

( t = I a ) Rotational motion and centripetal acceleration. This is defined by its equations of motion.

What has the author Edward Washington Suppiger written?

Edward Washington Suppiger has written: 'An analysis of the motion of a rigid body' -- subject(s): Dynamics, Rigid, Rigid Dynamics

What is the weaker hotter zone beneath the lithosphere that allows for motion of earths rigid outer shell?

The asthenosphere

What is the weaker hotter zone beneath the lithosphere that allows for motion of Earth's rigid outer shell?

the asthenosphere

What has the author Ajoy Batra written?

Ajoy Batra has written: 'Initial spatial motion of a rigid body on removal of one constraint' -- subject(s): Computer simulation, Motion, Dynamics