What is room count?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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Q: What is room count?
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What does Jonathan sees in the count's room?

my bum

Do you count open lofts in square footage of homes?

you con only count square footage as the foot print a room has. that would be the part of a room you can walk on

Does a lounge-diner count as one room?

yes it does

Does an unfinished room count in total square footage?

No it does not...

Does a sun room count toward square footage?


What are Jonathan harker thoughts after he discovers the count laying the table in the dinning room?

He realizes he and the Count are alone in the castle.

How do you work out how many square meters are in a room?

look at the square and count

How much does Brinks inc pay count room tellers?

Brinks Inc. pays about $11.55 dollars per hour depending on the count room teller's level of experience. This amount varies depending on location as well.

What is the code for the safe in Final Fantasy vii crisis core?

the code is different for each game.There are 4 rooms that are locked, but you can look into the peepholes.In each room, you have to count something and jot down the number.1) On the top level, go to the room with the books and count all the booksthat are NOT on the shelf. This includes the books on top of the case.2) On the bottom level is a room with floating pumpkins, count those.3) Also on the top level is a room with apples and cans. Count BOTH!4) Finally, on the bottom level, there is a room with chairs. Count!Once you have all 4 numbers, place them into the safe to open it up! what if you only have one chair? you just put down 1? dont you count the legs on the chair that you see? or no, its just the chair.? and the pumpkins keep moving and disappearing and reappearing. count them as soon as you look into the key hole?

How many feet in a room 13 feet by 22 feet?

Count the people in the room and multiply by 2. If you want to know how many SQUARE feet are in the room, multiply 13 times 22.

What is the name of the song in the board room of The Errand Boy movie?

"Blues in Hoss' Flat" by Count Basie

How do you get to room 101 in the tavern in adventure quest worlds?

to get there you have to be a member and type "/join tavern-101" do not count the "