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The total tax is $0.16 and the total price with tax is $2.75.

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Q: What is sales price if something cost 2.59 and 6 percent sales tax?
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If sales price is 200 percent of cost how do you work out what the cost is?

Divide Sales Price by 200% (ie 2). So cost is half of sales price.

What is the sales price on a sweater that cost 40 and is 25 percent off?

The sale price is $30.00

Calculate selling price when cost and profit percent is geven?

it the profit on sales price be 20/100 thepercentag ofprofit on cost price is

If a price is 1500 and the sales taxes 5 percent what is the total cost?

The total with sales tax is 1,575.00

If cost is 3 and sales 6 then profit is how many percent?

Profit is 100% on cost price of product.

What is the total price of an ten that cost 12.95 with a 8 percent sales tax?

The total is $13.99

How do you solve total cost for something that is 52 dollars and 20 percent off and the sales tax is 7 percent?

Assuming the discount is applied before the sales tax is added... 20% of 52 is 10.4, so the price after discount is 41.60. 7% of 41.60 is 2.91 - so your final price is 44.51

If a price is 14.00 and the sales tax is 5 percent what is the total cost?

The total tax is $0.70 and the total price with tax is $14.70.

If the price is 15.89 each how much does one compact disc cost with 6 percent sales tax?

16.84 is the full price.

If something is on sale for 80 percent and cost on sale15 what was original price?

The original price was $75.00

The purchase price of a book is 35.85 The sales tax rate is 6.5 percent How much is the sales tax to the nearest cent What is the total cost of the book?

Sales tax is $2.33 ; total cost is 38.18

How do you find the selling price of something if the cost is 5.50 and the percent markup is 75 percent?

Multiply by 1.75